Ma Lili, English agent of China Southern Airlines

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Shining figures: Ma Lili, English chair of China Southern Airlines' Shanghai call center. She was always the first one to arrive at work every day. Before everyone arrived, she had cleaned the office, replaced the garbage bags for everyone, and cleaned the desktop spotlessly. Big is mainly composed of force sensors, servo drivers, microprocessors, computers and color inkjet printers. You can hear her sweet and bright work call when you go to work early in the morning. She is one of the few English seats in the call center. She answers all kinds of inquiries, book tickets, issue tickets, and even handle complaints in English every day. At the end of each month, let's have an in-depth understanding of the listening volume and sales performance of the relaxation experimental machine bar. During the Spring Festival rush season this year and the large-scale flight delays, she tried her best and worked overtime to provide the greatest help to passengers. She worked continuously for more than 15 hours for several times without complaining. In our work and life, we have played an exemplary role as an excellent Party member

in July last year, Ma Lili received 6631 calls in a single month, the highest number in the history of Shanghai call center, with a duration of 164 hours. Even if calculated according to her working hours every day, the daily call duration is 5.5 hours. At the peak of the Spring Festival transportation in December last year and January this year, she received more than 6000 calls in a single month. The answer time in January was 172 hours, and the sales volume was nearly 600000, once again setting a record for the answer time and sales champion. During the peak season of spring transportation, the number of flights increases significantly, and sometimes there are abnormal flights caused by weather conditions. On the day of heavy snow during the Spring Festival transportation this year, the flight was delayed in a large area. Ma Lili even went to work with illness. She gave up her rest time and volunteered to work overtime to keep the English seats unobstructed, so that foreign passengers could travel smoothly, better establish the service brand of China Southern Airlines and provide guarantee for the safe production of the Spring Festival transportation. Her spirit of hard work, dedication and sacrifice has infected many comrades around her. She has set an advanced example as an excellent Party member with practical actions. Civil aviation of China


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