830000 milk cartons on the circulation loop

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830000 milk cartons go on the circular road release date: Source: Dalian

at present, in Shanghai, many community residents take the collected clean milk cartons to exchange for milk. According to the introduction of Guangming dairy, the initiator of a series of low-temperature molding composite products, since the launch of this activity in June 2019, 830000 milk boxes have been recycled at more than 2000 milk box recycling points in the city, all of which have been sent to the city appearance and environmental sanitation system for recycling

the person in charge of Guangming dairy said that it is expected that there will be more than 4000 regular collection points for milk boxes in the community next year. Residents can "exchange 10 boxes for 1 box" as long as they wash and dry any brand of milk boxes. There are two main places for recycled milk cartons: one is separation and recycling, which divides milk cartons into three types of recycled raw materials: pulp, plastic and aluminum; Secondly, some conductive materials are transparent. The MDI technology of Wanhua Group is at the world leading level. It is crushed, granulated, extruded into highly plastic raw materials, and finally processed into related products


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