Ma Ying Jeou said that Taiwan Japan relations have

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Ma Ying Jeou said that the long-standing close relationship between Taiwan and Japan can be further improved

[global comprehensive report] Ma Ying Jeou said on the 30th that although Taiwan and Japan have no "diplomatic relations", they have been very close for a long time. Last year, the two sides signed two agreements on Investment Guarantee and open skies, which have brought positive and significant benefits to bilateral relations. It can be seen that as long as we work hard, Taiwan Japan relations in many fields can be further improved

Taiwan's Wang Pao reported that when Ma Ying Jeou met with a delegation led by Japanese congressman Saigon on the 30th, he said that although Taiwan and Japan do not have "formal diplomatic relations", they have very close contact and interaction in all aspects. 95. When the major development trend of the industry was the 21 earthquake and the 88 Flood, Japan generously helped Taiwan. Last year, the 311 earthquake in Japan triggered a tsunami and a nuclear accident, and all walks of life in Taiwan were also enthusiastic about assistance

2. Deformation measurement Ma Ying Jeou pointed out that Taiwan and Japan completed the agreement on investment and opening up the sky last year. From January to August this year, the number of foreign businessmen investing in Taiwan topped that of Japanese businessmen. The shipping volume of both sides has increased significantly, which has brought significant positive benefits to bilateral development

in addition, Ma Ying Jeou said that the exhibits of the National Palace Museum in Taipei have been determined to be exhibited in Japan in 2014, and Japan has also agreed to focus on the development of palace fine arts with deep processing of aluminum alloy in Taiwan


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