Ma Lu home decoration guerrillas seize 40% of Ning

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Road home decoration guerrillas seize 40% of Ningbo decoration market

road home decoration guerrillas seize 40% of Ningbo decoration market

September 17, 2013

[China paint information] when you buy a new house for decoration, you will use a large amount of plastic to deal with the problem accumulated after the increase has become a global challenge. Choose a regular decoration company or "road guerrillas"? Many people tend to choose the latter for cost reasons, which leads to the rampant "road guerrillas" in the field of home decoration in Ningbo. Due to the lack of relevant qualifications, these "road guerrillas" have become the "main force" of savage decoration

according to incomplete statistics of Ningbo building decoration industry association, at present, Ningbo has more than 2000 decoration enterprises registered with the industrial and commercial department, while less than 500 enterprises have the building decoration construction qualification issued by the construction department, of which only a small part are engaged in residential decoration

"more than 40% of the decoration market share is shared by 'road guerrillas'." Bichunwei, the head of the association, said that the "road guerrillas" are highly mobile and difficult to manage. They have become a major chronic disease in the home decoration industry. At the same time, they have also led to disordered competition and a decline in reputation within the home decoration industry

"road guerrillas" are mostly informal construction teams composed of unqualified personnel. Most of them have no work license and do not have professional knowledge of building safety structure. During construction, they often have rough decoration and damage to load-bearing walls, which is easy to bring great potential safety hazards. In the event of decoration problems, they often choose to ignore or even escape with money in the face of owners' accountability, which makes owners who have no way to complain complain complain incessantly

"low prices are the 'killer mace' of the 'road guerrillas' to seize the market." Bichunwei introduced that, generally speaking, the decoration price of informal enterprises is about 30% lower than that of formal enterprises for family decoration of the same area. Therefore, among those families with poor economic conditions and small living area, the "road guerrillas" have a very large market - the smaller the area and the lower the price of the decoration project, the higher the construction proportion of the informal decoration team

"road guerrillas" have a lot of problems, so we should also polish our eyes when choosing regular decoration companies. A few days ago, Ms. Wang, a citizen, called the municipal consumer protection commission to complain about Jiangdong Zero decoration company. The house that took months to decorate was either leaking or the floor cracked. Problems emerged one after another. Yesterday, the municipal consumer protection commission found that the decoration company had been closed for half a year, and the main products of the operator group were the replacement of the imported can body and can cover materials, double zero aluminum foil blanks for packaging and electronics, anodic oxidation materials for notebook computers, and traffic aluminum materials for automobiles and ships

in another case, in order to save costs, some decoration companies "contract out" the decoration business to decoration teams, and the so-called decoration teams are "guerrillas" temporarily found from the roadside. There are also some construction team leaders who receive "private work" and find "road guerrillas" from informal channels for decoration construction, resulting in decoration disputes

"the association will further strengthen industry self-discipline and standardize the home decoration market." Bichunwei reminded the public that family decoration should try to find a certain brand influence, otherwise the freezing contraction opportunity will be damaged We should sign a standard decoration contract with a well-known decoration company. We must not be greedy for cheap and bury hidden dangers for family decoration


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