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8.5 generation TFT glass substrate project settled in Bengbu, Anhui Province

Anhui Bengbu Municipal Government signed contracts with Kaisheng Technology Group on 8.5 generation TFT glass substrate and other projects. Municipal leaders Zhouchunyu, baijinming, hejinliang, gushiping, Wang Cheng, Yang Sen and huqiwang, Secretary General of the municipal government jiangxiaotian, general manager of Kaisheng Technology group and President of Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute Pengshou attended the signing ceremony

in recent years, Capvision Technology Group has continuously increased its investment in Bengbu. A series of new and large projects have been successfully settled in Bengbu, and have been completed or put into operation, providing strong support for Bengbu to accelerate independent innovation and the development of strategic emerging industries. In his speech, Zhouchunyu, Secretary of the CPC Bengbu Municipal Committee, first thanked Kaisheng Technology Group for its long-term important contributions to the economic and social development of Bengbu. He pointed out that the first phase of the 1.5gw Cu in GA se thin film solar cell project has just started, and a number of new projects such as the 8.5 generation TFT glass substrate, Kaisheng science and Technology Industry Research Institute, the "+" energy glass museum, Bengbu silicon-based materials Shanghai investment project have been successfully implemented, which fully reflects the first-class industry, University and research level of Kaisheng science and technology group, strong enterprise strength and good cooperation between enterprises and local governments, It will play a strong role in boosting the rapid development of Bengbu silicon-based new material industry. Relying on its own advantages, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government will create the best service environment for the project implementation, give the best policy support, give full play to the wisdom, industrial and team advantages of keyvia technology group, join hands to play a big role and do great things, and achieve win-win results in continuous and in-depth cooperation

Zhou Chunyu requested that all relevant departments directly under the municipal government should further enhance the awareness of project construction and efficiency, strengthen element guarantee, take the initiative to provide services, and speed up the handling of the above-mentioned procedures related to the proposed project construction of changing the use of fatigue testing machines. At the same time, we hope that Capvision Technology Group will, in accordance with the rights and obligations agreed in the agreement, spare no effort to accelerate the project progress, start the construction as soon as possible, and continuously improve the scientific development level of the group while promoting the accelerated development of Bengbu silicon-based new material industrial base

Peng Shou pointed out in his speech that the 8.5 generation TFT glass substrate project is a strategic emerging industry project with international advanced level, filling the domestic gap and epoch-making significance. It is the most attractive and internationally competitive LCD glass substrate production line in China. Previously, Capvision group has overcome the technical problems of generation 4.5 and generation 6. After the generation 8.5 project is put into operation, it will completely break the foreign monopoly, which is important for improving Bengbu's independent innovation level, building a 100 billion silicon-based industry and sprinting the province's leading matrix. This also clearly sends us the signal that we need to carry out design calculation and FEA analysis - we need to find more reliable and environmentally friendly materials to replace it

At the

ceremony, Buckingham Minmetals and Pengshou signed 8 on behalf of the municipal government and Kaisheng technology group respectively. 5 generation TFT glass substrate project cooperation agreement. Wangcheng, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, presided over the signing ceremony of the project

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