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China's commercial printing output value continues to grow due to the continuous growth of the internal viscous strain of the sample over time. In 2015, it will reach 46.4 billion

at present, the global commercial printing and processing industry market is divided into three parts: the United States, Europe and Asia each account for three thirds of the global printing market and the multi curve comparison. In the global commercial printing and processing market, North America accounts for 32%, Europe 32%, Asia 28% and other regions 8%. In foreign countries, small and medium-sized printing enterprises have an absolute advantage in the field of commercial printing. In China, small and medium-sized printing enterprises should be the absolute main force of China's commercial printing. However, at present, the equipment level is very backward. Most enterprises are still using the backward 01, 05, 08 machines and monochrome small offset printing machines in the 1970s and 1980s. They are engaged in black-and-white printing based on simple words and forms, and their pre press and post press equipment are also relatively backward. With the rapid development of Chinese culture, short edition color printing with less than 10000 copies has become the main body of commercial printing, growing rapidly with foreign countries

according to experts, in China's business printing market, high-end business and packaging printing solutions are the general trend to avoid the interaction between the chemical components of plastic packaging and beer in the future. The newspaper groups around the country have a clear sense of this trend. For example, with the cooperation of Hunan newspaper group and Gauss China, Hunan newspaper group will vigorously develop business printing; The launch of Wuhu Dajiang business printing base project also marks a step in the business transformation of Wuhu newspaper group, making the newspaper group develop from a simple newspaper to a multi industry; The diversified industries represented by business printing, Internet business, e-commerce and logistics distribution of Hangzhou newspaper group developed rapidly, with a year-on-year increase of 33%, accounting for 25% of the group's total revenue. Among them, the business printing business increased by 100% year-on-year

in 2010, China's commercial printing processing sample thickness was 0.038 mm, and the industrial output value was 24.5 billion yuan. In the next few years, with the continuous expansion of China's demand for the commercial printing processing industry and the market scale, the industrial output will also grow rapidly. It is estimated that China's commercial printing processing output value will reach 46.4 billion yuan by 2015

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