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On May 27-29, the second "China's good driver" urban training camp was successfully held in Hefei railway station. More than 500 drivers have been trained. Among them, 20 excellent drivers have been successfully promoted to the advanced training camp. They will participate in the annual "top ten Ningbo new material manufacturers with more than 600 machines" selection held in Linyi in October. Through such a civilian stage as "China's good drivers", these front-line construction machinery practitioners not only receive professional training and realize their career dreams, but also show the simple human brilliance of grass-roots workers, transfer positive energy to the society and establish new trends

the second "China's good driver" urban training camp was successfully held at Hefei railway station. The "China's good driver" Hefei training camp lasted three days, including theoretical training, written examination, practical examination, deeds selection and other links. During the theoretical training, Shandong Lingong invited professional lecturers to learn that the jaw clamp is an ideal engineering plastic material holding method in the field of LED lighting bulb lamps for the training camp of "China's good driver", and set up theoretical training courses for hydraulic clamping personnel, which fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the students from simple theoretical knowledge explanation to vivid case analysis. The on-site learning atmosphere was strong. Many drivers actively consulted the trainers on the problems in the past operation, and said they benefited a lot

the machinery roaring assessment site is also a platform for students to exchange experience and skills

the students who have learned the theory are more "heroic" in the actual operation assessment site. They not only flexibly complete various earthwork operations, but also their actions are more in line with the safety specifications. The machinery roaring examination site is also the exchange platform and display platform for students. Each shows his or her magic power. It is a great loss for us to show the positive spirit of front-line construction machinery practitioners through different forms and time and strength. Among them, the "brother company" from the same team and the "overlord flower" unexpectedly met in the good driver training camp left a deep impression on everyone

zhengliming (first from the right) and his "brother company"

have been driving excavators for several years. Now zhengliming is an individual boss. It is said that China's good driver training camp will be held in Hefei. He took three employees of the team to sign up for it at the first time. He said that although he is confident in his own operation level, he should also be strict with himself and set a good example for employees. Interestingly, in the training camp of "good Chinese driver", zhengliming had no "boss" face at all. His three employees' moral scores and skill scores were higher than one, much better than his "old driver". However, boss Zheng was very pleased. He said: "the better the brothers are, the happier they will be. They are all soldiers I brought out. I am proud of them!"

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