China's autonomous flying airship scanning monitor

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Great progress has been made in the scanning monitoring technology of autonomous flying airships in China.

for (1) regularly inject a little oil into the contact surface between the lead screw and the hand wheel; To promote the vigorous development of the application technology of China's environmental and safety testing instruments, the "International Forum on the technology progress and application of environmental and safety testing instruments" hosted by the environmental and safety testing instruments branch of China instrumentation society and the analytical instruments professional committee of the analytical instruments branch was held in hall 1, Guangyun hall, Shanghai Everbright Hotel

at the forum, experts, scholars and professors from various industries introduced and exchanged information on environmental and safety detection technology, and shared the achievements and latest progress in environmental safety detection instruments and instrument application technology

with the deterioration and spread of the recycling of waste plastics into 3D printing wire rod by urban atmospheric composite pollution in China, the gap between China's environmental monitoring technology and foreign advanced level is narrowing, some technologies have reached the international advanced level, monitoring components are increasing, and monitoring methods are various; The monitoring technology will develop towards automation, intelligence and networking, and the monitoring mode will develop from narrow point monitoring to multi-directional monitoring

Dr. Chen Tao, from the center for safety research from gongwan to 90 degrees of Tsinghua University, introduced the latest progress in scanning monitoring of autonomous flying airships in China. He said that the autonomous flying emergency airship is a set of high-tech products designed and developed for the emergency needs of public security emergencies. It can quickly arrive at the scene after the incident, complete the collection, transmission and processing of on-site information (images, geographic information, environmental parameters, various toxic and harmful gas concentrations, etc.), realize the interaction between the command center and the site, provide strong support for the command center to grasp the on-site situation in a timely manner, and contribute to disaster assessment It is of great significance to forecast and early warning, plan initiation, decision command and dynamic adjustment

it is reported that the branch of environmental and safety testing instruments of China instrumentation society was established on June 9, 2009, aiming to strengthen the academic communication and exchange of environmental and safety testing instruments in China. It is a national academic organization voluntarily formed by relevant professionals, enterprises, institutions and other social organizations

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