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China's auto market will face three major changes in 2008. 2008 is destined to be an extraordinary year for China's auto market. Not only the production and sales target of 10million vehicles, but also the introduction of many focus policies and the upgrading of the concept of automobile environmental protection... All these will make Chinese cars extraordinary in the Olympic year

one of the changes: the price cut is no longer a day

as soon as March last year, Southeast automobile, Shanghai General Motors, Beijing Hyundai, FAW Volkswagen and other enterprises announced price cuts one after another. This abnormal phenomenon made the previous price cut peak before May day earlier than one month. This year, the price reduction in the domestic automobile market will still not have obvious laws

Rao Da, Secretary General of the national passenger car Joint Council, said: "the price of passenger cars will rise and fall this year. Although the general trend is to fall, the cost of independent brands will rise due to the greater improvement of internal quality. Therefore, when launching annual models or new segment models, the price will rise slightly. In addition, in recent years, automobile manufacturers are reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The profits of supporting factories have been greatly compressed. In addition, CPI The consumer price index (CPI) is rising rapidly. Manufacturers should ensure that there are benefits or no losses. The price of some medium - and low-cost cars may rise. However, the prices of medium-sized cars and cars above medium and high-grade are still on the downward trend. This year's drop in car prices may be the lowest in recent years. Therefore, users will not be in the state of holding money for purchase due to the substantial price reduction. "

at the same time, affected by the holiday adjustment, after the May Day golden week is adjusted, there will be no long public holidays after the Spring Festival in the first half of the year, which will also make the market in a lukewarm state; The implementation of Beijing's National IV emission standard will also put manufacturers in a stage of product replacement in the first half of the year. Before the formal implementation on March 1, it is inevitable to reduce the price and clear the warehouse of the old models to shorten the product development cycle. After March 1, many new and old models will also face the situation of fighting each other

change 2: check whether the sensor is normal? The general data obtained by measuring the sensor with the resistance gear of the multimeter are: About 405 Ω at the input end; The output terminal is about 340 Ω; Any vehicle with a displacement of 280 Ω between the two leads at one end and the other end will enter a turning point. In December last year, the national development and Reform Commission issued the Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment (2007 version) (Exposure Draft), which defined energy-saving and environmental friendly small displacement passenger vehicles for the first time on key indicators such as fuel economy, emission standards and vehicle length, and encouraged enterprises to vigorously promote the development of small displacement vehicles. In this regard, many people said that this year small displacement will usher in spring

it is uncertain whether the spring will really come. However, the major challenge facing the metal frame is to coordinate the aesthetic design. At the same time, it will become a reality that small displacement vehicles will enter the inflection point of development. It is understood that this year, not only Chery Automobile, Geely Automobile, Tianjin FAW, BYD, now Zhonghua, Lifan automobile and other enterprises with their own brands, but also Guangzhou Toyota, Changan Ford and other joint ventures have joined the army of small displacement vehicles, including Toyota Yaris, new weichi, Ford verve, Mazda 2, new fit, new Aveo and other joint venture small displacement vehicles, which have rushed into the small displacement market to seize market share

after joining the joint venture, the independent brands that have always taken the initiative in the small displacement range will face severe challenges. When joint venture brands continue to depress prices in order to compete for the market, the small displacement vehicle market is bound to usher in a real survival of the fittest, and the result of this market competition will eventually promote the development of small displacement vehicles

change 3: the peak sales season will be concentrated in the second half of the year

according to statistics, from 2005 to 2007, the annual peak sales of the automobile market will be mainly concentrated in April before the May Day golden week, September before the November golden week, and December and January of each year

this year, with the adjustment of national holidays and the impact of the implementation of the National IV emission standard in Beijing from March 1, most enterprises have to adjust their products. Therefore, it is difficult for the market to see the previous hot sales in April. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that this year's auto market, especially the Beijing market, is likely to focus on the second half of the sales season. With the launch of the National Day golden week, the domestic auto market will also warm up again

in this regard, a dealer said: "this year's auto market, especially in Beijing, will certainly be a very special year. The second car buying boom in Beijing has started since the second half of last year, and it is likely to reappear in the first half of this year with the launch of many new cars."

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