This is the most emotional villa decoration I have

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Villa decoration has multiple styles, and the final effect is very different. In terms of sentiment, today's villa is also one of the best

what kind of villa will have such an effect? In terms of style, it should belong to the American rural style. The green decoration of the whole space is fresh and lively

in fact, there are skills in emotional space design, one is the skill of color matching, the other is the skill of smart matching of soft and hard clothing

in fact, color matching is also a science. Like the principle of clothing color matching, depth, cold and warm complement each other to express the optimal effect

color matching skills of the living room: Brick Red + Yellow + green

the creation of American rural style requires color embellishment. The steady brick red and yellow have a deep and light beauty when matched

the retro bricks used in the living room have a nostalgic mood. The TV background wall with the same color system is stable and elegant, which may be the essence of American style

restaurant color matching skills: Brick Red + black

the black dining table and chair make this restaurant space elegant and noble, and the round dining table can also reflect the Chinese people's good expectations for reunion

bedroom color matching: Green + coffee

the bedside table is very much like a closed door. The primitive design form adds a bit of creativity. In addition, the green tone of the bedside background wall and carpet makes this space more vibrant

guest bedroom color matching: Green + Red + dark brown

red and dark brown actually belong to the same color system. As the main color of guest bedroom, this design is very reasonable, stable and generous

when you see the design of the second bedroom, do you seem to enter a beautiful small garden, especially the design of the background wall at the head of the bed, which has become the highlight of the whole space

color matching of children's room: Red + Green + white

the creation of girls' room abandons the stable black and replaces it with light color. The red and green design can better reflect girls' innocent aesthetic

even the patterns of the background wall at the head of the bed are full of fairy tale colors. Beautiful flowers and reindeer symbolizing auspiciousness make this space look wonderful

room color matching: Black + dark green

the positioning of the room determines that the overall design should not be too noisy, and it is better to be generous and stable.

master bedroom color matching: Red + Green + dark brown

the master bedroom has become more different because of its importance. The colorful visual sense makes people living in it have more happiness

the red and green sofa greatly improves the comfort of life and makes the owner's life more emotional and tasteful

the study, which is characterized by stability, also gives full play to the quiet space

summary: after looking at the decoration of this villa, what do you think? In addition to the rural elements that can be seen everywhere, the overall decoration is very beautiful. If you like it, you can also use it for reference





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