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On December 2, 2015, the world's largest door and window system solution supplier, Mr. Gunter Strauss, the executive president of Greater China of Germany schuger International Group, and other leaders visited Feiyu door and window to inspect and guide the work

on December 2, 2015, one of the world's largest door and window system solutions suppliers, Mr. Gunter Strauss, the executive president of Greater China of Germany schuger group, Mr. Li Tong, the national sales director, Mr. heweck, the sales director of central China, Mr. yuanhuaxiansheng, the Deputy Sales Director of central China, and other leaders visited our company to inspect and guide our work

as a door and window system used in high-end buildings in Europe, Germany schuger enjoys the highest reputation in Europe and even the world. The visit of the German Xuge delegation to visit Feiyu doors and windows is the second exchange visit of the German Xuge group to our company after the 45 member delegation of Feiyu company visited the headquarters of the German Xuge group from January 24 to 26 this year

Chen Yi, the president of the company, Chen Gang, the director of technology research and development, Zhuo song, the manager of e-commerce department, accompanied the Xuge delegation throughout the whole journey, and explained in detail the equipment technology, product overview, production capacity and the overall comprehensive strength of the company in each production workshop

the Xuge delegation first visited the company's production workshops, made a very detailed technical observation on all links of our product production, and expressed sincere appreciation for our meticulous work and the concept of pursuing perfect products

with a strong interest in our decorative door and window products, the Xuge delegation visited the company's product exhibition hall and was very interested in the various products displayed inside. The company was praised for its good design and product matching, which effectively reflected the home style of decorative doors and windows, and made a perfect interpretation of doors and windows as the eyes of housing construction. At the same time, it deduces a lens of doors and windows like a camera. Through this "lens", you can see more beautiful scenery, warm and comfortable feelings of home and love for your family

after the visit, the Xuge visiting group and relevant leaders of the company had a more in-depth exchange on technology, process, etc

the tour of Feiyu made the members of Xuge delegation admire all the way, and gave high praise to Feiyu door and window products, process technology, etc. On the road of future development, Feiyu doors and windows will keep up with the world's excellent door and window enterprises, learn from each other, learn from experience, and work together to promote the development of China's door and window industry

Germany schueger group:

- a pioneer in the market of innovative building facades and a world leading expert in door, window and curtain wall technology

was founded in 1951, East Westfalen

group headquarters: 1-1533609 kalolina street, Germany

professional field: door and window system; Curtain wall system

cooperation and exchange platform: there are more than 12000 partners and architects, developers and investors in the world

number of employees: Currently there are 4800 employees worldwide

distribution in the world: more than 80 countries

annual sales of the group: 1.5 billion euros (2013)

established in 1951, schugel International Group, headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany, has a history of research and development of high-end system doors and windows for up to 60 years

with more than 5000 employees and 12000 partners in 75 countries and regions around the world, Xuge achieved global sales of 2.38 billion euros (more than 20 billion yuan) in 2010

schuger has a market share of more than 60% in Germany and is also a household name in Europe. Since entering the Chinese market around 2000, it has achieved very rapid growth in the field of high-end construction projects

Chen Yi, President of the company, accompanied the Xuge visiting group to visit the workshop

when the Xuge visiting group visited the company's workshop, they felt the company's glass technology with their hands

the Xuge group visiting group watched the relevant management articles and experience of Huawei Group posted on the company's cultural wall

when the Xuge visiting group visited the company's exhibition, Personally test the company's products

President Chen Yi personally received the Xuge group to visit the company's exhibition hall

the Xuge delegation had a symposium with relevant personnel of the company

the Xuge delegation took a group photo with the company's personnel

the Xuge delegation took a group photo with the company's personnel

on January 26, Feiyu company visited the Xuge exhibition hall and the group headquarters

on January 26, Feiyu and his party visited the exhibition hall of the headquarters of the German Xuge group




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