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Cartier doors and windows: World Earth Day is a worldwide environmental protection activity, which aims to arouse the awareness of human beings to love the earth and protect their homes, promote the coordinated development of resource development and environmental protection, and then improve the overall environment of the earth

I think the energy-saving system doors and windows should be considered from the following aspects:

first, door and window materials

now the materials of doors and windows include aluminum alloy, plastic steel, plastic, solid wood, and possibly some iron. There is a common sense that we all know that iron and aluminum have very high thermal properties, and a little heat will be emitted, so the house is always cold in winter. Plastic steel windows and plastic windows have become popular in recent years, but this kind of window is not strong enough, easy to become brittle, and its safety can be imagined. At present, wooden windows are the most energy-saving and environmental friendly, but they have their own defects, and they are not easy to burn, rot, crack, etc. But after special process and technical treatment, the wood is very stable. But at the same time, the price of wooden windows is not cheap

II. Glass

glass occupies most of the area of doors and windows, so it plays a very important role in energy-saving indicators. There are several types of glass on the market: first, ordinary glass, which has not been tempered; Second, ordinary tempered glass; Third, coated glass; Fourth, Low-E glass. Each kind of glass can be subdivided. So which kind of glass has the best energy-saving effect? It should be Low-E glass, which can filter out harmful light such as infrared ray, far infrared ray and ultraviolet ray, with remarkable energy-saving effect. In recent years, the state requires high-rise buildings to use insulating glass, that is, two layers of glass. But looking at the market, the insulating glass is specious. It may just be a simple two-layer combination, and the real heat insulation effect has not been achieved. In Germany, their buildings already require three layers of glass. To tell the truth, even if it is hollow glass, the hollow glass in China is far from that in Germany

III. energy saving of doors and windows is the overall energy saving

when it comes to energy saving of doors and windows, it is actually the energy saving of the whole window. Relying on glass alone cannot achieve the purpose of energy saving. The sealing performance of doors and windows is also an important parameter affecting energy conservation. If there is a problem with the sealing of doors and windows, the energy will also be easily lost. The sealing of doors and windows includes the following aspects. The first is the selection of sealing materials. A good sealant strip is flexible and elastic, with strong weather resistance. It can maintain its toughness even at minus 20 °. In addition to the sealant strip, the doors and windows also need to be treated by special processes to balance the indoor and outdoor pressure difference, and the sound of wailing and howling of doors and windows will disappear

in a word, the energy saving of doors and windows depends not only on the material, but also on the glass, but also on the technology of doors and windows

the country is advocating green consumption, and relevant activities with the theme of green consumption are also emerging in endlessly every year. Only by seriously practicing green environmental protection, quality and quality, can Cartier doors and windows enterprises get market returns and take the lead in benefiting, so as to drive more factories and brands to participate in the environment of manufacturing upgrading and consumption upgrading

every product of Cartier doors and windows will adhere to the details, grasp the quality, and formulate detailed quality management standards in every link. Establish a quality assurance system independent of production management. Detailed and controllable management standards have been formulated from product design, process flow, workshop production, transportation and sale





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