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From March 23 to March 26, 2016, Hennessy made a stunning appearance at the 21st China International Construction Trade Expo (Shanghai Construction Expo)

from March 23 to March 26, 2016, Hennessy made a stunning appearance at the 21st China International Construction Trade Expo (Shanghai Construction Expo). The reporter of home hotline interviewed Liu JiangNeng, the marketing director of Foshan Xuhui Hardware Development Co., Ltd. (Hennessy doors and windows)

home hotline: most enterprises will make some adjustments to their products before participating in the exhibition. What are the key recommended products brought by enterprises in this exhibition? Simply give us a brief description of the advantages of your products

president Liu: Hennessy's product series this time is relatively rich. This year, we focus on Chinese style products. Because the Chinese element is quite popular in the world in the past two years, we have grasped this element and introduced it into the design of doors and windows, so that we can bring the best Chinese style products to our consumers. Our company has made great adjustments in this regard this year, including the establishment of a special R & D team for this series of products. We have the most professional engineers to constantly optimize our products through them, making our products more humanized and more in line with the needs of consumers

home hotline: this year's "March 15", "hungry" and other businesses have been exposed to lax management. Similarly, regulatory issues are equally important for the cooperation between manufacturers and dealers. How does the enterprise protect the rights and interests of dealers

president Liu: with regard to the protection of the rights and interests of dealers, the first thing we should do is to strengthen our services and the supervision of product quality. The other is to provide the best quality products to our dealers and consumers, so in these aspects, we are constantly increasing the improvement of our technology, including the introduction of machinery and equipment, product services and so on

home hotline: for using "price war" to attract investment. What do you think of price competition? How does your company do it

president Liu: my view on price war is that the operation and service of an enterprise need costs. If an enterprise fights price war for interests, I think it is detrimental to the long-term development of the enterprise. We only have to constantly improve our products and use the best products and the best prices, on the premise that we can safeguard the interests of the enterprise, so that we will not be in a very embarrassing situation in the market. The purpose of our enterprise is to make the best products, so that consumers can buy at ease and use comfortably is what we pursue

home hotline: in the "national aluminum door and window dealer survey award ceremony", Hennessy won the honor of "consumer favorite brand". How do you think of this honor? What are the success factors

president Liu: first of all, I am very grateful to Huiya information for holding this activity, which gives Hennessy doors and windows a chance to prove themselves. In fact, the honor of winning the favorite brand of consumers is a witness to Hennessy's 13 years of development, and it also urges us to better improve ourselves and support our consumers with high-quality products. In this way, our enterprise can go longer, because our goal is to be a century old enterprise, and we hope that our products can enter the homes of consumers more, so that more people will recognize and support us




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