How to choose high-quality raw wood doors

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1: How to choose high-quality wooden doors

different prices of products

choose wooden doors, first determine what kind of wooden door products are needed. The price of composite solid wood doors is relatively lower than that of full solid wood doors, and each has its own advantages. The most taboo is to compare prices with different products, which will lead to many misunderstandings. It is normal for different products to have different prices

according to insiders in the wood door industry, choosing high-quality wood doors can be achieved through several simple methods, such as tapping sound, hand feeling, looking at gloss, etc. Tap the door with your fingers, and the sound of the high-quality wooden door is even and dull. If you hear the sound or dull or crisp, it means that the wooden door is processed, indicating that there is a hollow part, not a solid wooden door. Touching the surface of the wooden door with the back of your hand can detect that the wooden door is uneven and concave convex, which can infer that the wooden door is of poor quality. If the sound is thick when opening and closing the door, it proves to be a solid wood door

the color of wooden doors with good quality should have saturation. Take the white wooden door as an example. Stand on the side of the door to face the light and check whether the paint surface of the door panel has a concave convex wave feeling. If so, it proves that the density board processing is not fine, so it can detect that the wooden door is not good at workmanship

in terms of tactility, touch the frame, panel and corner of the door with your hand. If there is no scratch, the feel is soft and delicate, you can also judge that the quality of the wooden door is good

choose wooden doors and try to choose brands with environmental protection certification

II: about the purchase of wooden doors

at present, wooden doors are mainly divided into solid wood doors, raw wood doors and full wood doors

the material composition of solid wood doors is a combination of solid wood and its processed products. There are either sandwich boards, pressure bearing boards or density boards in the door panel, and the surface of the board is made of density boards. In short, solid wood doors are processed from logs. The processed finished doors have the characteristics of not easy deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracks, heat insulation and so on. Such solid wood doors are also known as "composite solid wood doors"

solid wood doors play an effective role in sound insulation because of their good sound absorption. The whole wood doors are similar to solid wood doors, and the material composition is also composed of solid wood and its processed products. The difference is that the door panel of the whole wood door is spliced by solid wood finger materials, and the surface layer is spliced by solid wood plates. Compared with solid wood doors, the material composition of the whole wood doors is better. At present, the popular wooden doors on the market are basically divided into solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors. Among them, the highest grade is pure solid wood door, which is commonly referred to as raw wood door

the material of pure solid wood door is log. Because of its high cost and skilled technology, it is the most high-grade wood door. However, pure solid wood door also has disadvantages. Because it is generally made of a whole log, cracks or deformation will occur if the technology is not qualified in the northern weather with large changes in four seasons

in northern China, where the weather changes greatly, high-grade solid wood composite doors are more practical. High grade solid wood composite doors generally have the solid wood veneer of the balance door, which can prevent cracks or deformation of the wooden door

there is no composite board in the whole door structure process, and it is completely composed of the original solid wood form. It is not mixed with any solid wood processing products, and there is no scar or splicing. It is processed from one board. The material selection is very exquisite, and the origin and grade of wood are also very strict. Therefore, the price of the original wood door is also maintained at the high-end price

III: there are standards for thickness

Special customizable

the thickness of wooden doors on the market is generally 40mm, and the weight of wooden square used for wooden doors will increase with the increase of the thickness of wooden doors. The effect of this is that the deformation resistance of the door body is enhanced, the impact resistance is also improved, and the thickness of the door panel can also reach 46mm. With the increase of the thickness of the door panel, the sound insulation and noise reduction effect is also very obvious. If consumers have special requirements for customization and have hollowed out and carved processing, the thickness can be appropriately increased




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