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Committed to high-end tires, China intelligent manufacturing Huaqin and Pirelli cooperated again. On August 3, the joint venture signing ceremony of "Shenzhou intelligent manufacturing car tire project" between Pirelli group and Huaqin rubber industry group was held in Yanzhou, Shandong Province. The two sides jointly invested and established a new joint venture to build a globally leading intelligent car tire factory

the new factory will be located in Yanzhou Huaqin Industrial Park, adjacent to Pirelli's current Chinese factory. This will further strengthen Pirelli's recently announced exhibition of CRP group, a 3D printing company in Yanzhou. According to the agreement, Pirelli will exchange about 65million euros for 49% of the shares of the new plant to operate and manage the plant, And enjoy the extension space from January 1, 2021 to January 1, 2025 (it can be increased to more than 210 meters. In February, it has the right to increase the shareholding ratio to 70%.

at present, Yanzhou factory built in 2005 is one of Pirelli's most advanced factories in the world, focusing on the production of high-performance tires. With the help of this project, Pirelli will introduce the world's highest level industrial 4.0 intelligent tire production line to the joint venture, and will also build Pirelli's rubber in the Asia Pacific region in the Huaqin Industrial Park Tire R & D innovation center

Menai, President of Pirelli Asia Pacific, said that in the future, Pirelli will continue to increase its investment in Yanzhou and build Yanzhou factory into × It is a high-value tire industry base integrating R & D, indoor testing and manufacturing

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it is reported that taking a stake in this tire factory with advanced technology will strengthen the high-value strategy of Pirelli group. The strategy regards the Asia Pacific region as a key growth factor, including the continuous improvement of product portfolio, the digitalization of production processes and the continuous attention to environmental sustainability. This investment will ensure Pirelli has the necessary flexibility in high-value fields to cope with the changing Chinese market, and meet the growing electric vehicle market in China, Japan and South Korea and the growing demand for original tires

Niu Yishun, Secretary of the Party committee of Huaqin group, said that through more than ten years of successful cooperation, Huaqin group and Pirelli have established a close cooperative relationship. This cooperation will further enhance the manufacturing capacity of Huaqin group in the field of high-value tires, enhance the comprehensive advantages of industrial chain, value chain, service chain and supply chain, and consolidate the leading position of Huaqin group in the fields of high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing

Huaqin group and Pirelli started joint venture cooperation as early as 2005. Pirelli has successively invested in truck tire, car tire, motorcycle tire and steel cord business

adhering to the concept of open guidance and strong cooperation, Huaqin group has achieved greatness and strength by attracting large and strong enterprises. It has successively cooperated with several world top 500 enterprises, such as Pirelli, Continental Germany and Bekaert, Belgium. It has found a successful path of leveraging external forces to strengthen internal power, promoting change through opening up, and exchanging equity for development. The successful cooperation of mutual benefit and win-win has won the full trust and high recognition of partners

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