China's annual import of high-end energy equipment

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China's annual import of high-end energy equipment is about 1.86 trillion yuan

the current world economic and political pattern is undergoing profound changes. Global industries are facing a structural readjustment. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution are emerging. The energy industry represented by new energy is becoming a focus of the international, political, financial and security game. For high-end energy equipment, these new situations and changes are both opportunities and challenges

30 years ago, the State Council issued the decision on speeding up the development of major technical equipment, which opened the prelude to the localization and localization of key major equipment required for major projects such as efficient and clean power generation, ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation, large-scale metallurgy, large-scale ethylene, etc. After 30 years, China's major equipment has made great progress and breakthroughs. Among them, the organic thermal insulation materials are mainly polystyrene board (EPS), extruded board (XPS), polyurethane foam (PU), which has laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of China's national economy in the past 30 years

historical experience shows that the development of energy industry is closely related to the development of energy equipment, but there is still a large gap with foreign top enterprises. Mainly manifested in:

first, the core technology of high-end energy equipment is controlled by others. China has few technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands, and many core technologies in the field of high-end products have not been mastered. According to the statistics of the customs, friendship tips every year: if there is unclear data that shows that the major technical equipment imported by local governments is about 300billion US dollars (about 1.86 trillion yuan), compared with the total amount of major technical equipment produced in China, the preliminary estimate is 1.37:1, of which 90% are high-end CNC machine tools, CNC systems, etc

second, the development of key components lags behind. The main engine is also facing the development of empty shell. The components of high-end equipment are also dependent on imports. The high-end hydraulic components related to nuclear power, such as pumps and valves, are all dependent on imports. The development of the main engine is subject to the development of key components

third, large enterprise groups lack international competitiveness. As a power generation industry with high industrial concentration and strong international competitiveness, our leading enterprises, regardless of their scale, especially their technological innovation ability, can hardly match that of large European and American groups

it is reported that the equipment department of the Ministry of industry and information technology is currently working with the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Finance and other comprehensive departments to formulate the 2025 planning outline for China's manufacturing power, put forward a 1+10 planning system, especially focusing on the development of major technical equipment, and launched the guidance on accelerating the promotion of major technical equipment in the new era

30 years of historical experience tells us that in addition, the development of high-end energy equipment in the future also needs to adhere to application traction, collaborative innovation, integration of industrialization and industrialization, and open cooperation. Enhance the enthusiasm of users in using domestic equipment manufacturers, and drive the R & D, experiment and process verification of high-end energy equipment with users' first purchase; Improve the technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body; Accelerate the deep integration of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology of major technical equipment; We will strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation and encourage equipment manufacturing enterprises to bring in and go global

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