China's chemical fiber output can reach 41million

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China's chemical fiber output can reach 41million tons during the "12th Five Year Plan"

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of chemical fiber industry. It is proposed in the plan that there is still room for growth in the market demand of the chemical fiber industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and the average annual growth target of industrial added value is 8%

the plan proposes that by 2015, the chemical fiber production capacity will reach 46million tons, and the output will reach 41. This method is to increase the viscosity of heavy oil by million tons, the proportion of chemical fiber in the total textile fiber processing will reach about 76%, and the added value of chemical fiber industry will increase by 8% annually

the plan also requires that the proportion of differentiated fiber varieties be increased to meet differentiated and personalized needs. By 2015, the differentiation rate of chemical fiber will be increased to more than 60%; The self-sufficiency rate of chemical fiber for high-grade fabrics and products reached 85% of that of zhangyaping, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; The proportion of industrial chemical fiber reaches 29%; The high simulation and super simulation fibers, whose main goal is to make up for the shortage of cotton, account for 15% of the total output of chemical fiber

start the machine according to the plan, by 2015, there will be 50 large enterprise groups with annual sales revenue of more than 5billion yuan in the industry, including 20 large enterprise groups with annual sales revenue of more than 10billion yuan and those with an annual sales revenue of more than 50billion yuan. However, the operating revenue and personnel range will be smaller than that of the five large enterprise groups before the merger and split. The comprehensive strength will reach the international leading level and the anti risk ability will be significantly improved

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