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China's civil aircraft manufacturing industry has accelerated its entry into the international aerospace manufacturing market. On the 24th, it was learned from avic-1 Shenfei civil aircraft Co., Ltd. that this company has just obtained the AS9100 quality system certification issued by the international aviation quality certification agency UL Meihua Certification Co., Ltd. This indicates that this key Chinese civil aircraft manufacturing enterprise, which began independent operation in July this year, has officially obtained an "access certificate" to improve the overall energy density of the international aerospace manufacturing market

pangzhen, general manager of Shenfei civil aircraft company of AVIC 1, said that the company has recently successfully delivered the tail section of the first Boeing 737-800 aircraft subcontracted for production. In the future, it will further expand its international subcontracting market share and strive to use five years to increase its export sales from the current annual US $60million to US $300million

in recent years, Liansu said that it has benefited from the government's measures to increase infrastructure spending, and the national aviation manufacturing industry has rapidly improved its capacity, and has successfully integrated into the global aircraft manufacturer supply chain. UL Meihua Certification Co., Ltd., one of the international authoritative quality certification bodies, said that at present, they have issued AS9100 quality system certification to more than 10 aviation manufacturing enterprises in China, and more than 30 are applying for it. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, more than 100 aviation manufacturing enterprises in China have passed the AS9100 quality system certification, indicating that the level of China's aviation manufacturing industry has been significantly improved and is accelerating its march into the international market

according to the plan issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology and other relevant government departments, China will accelerate the industrialization process of civil aviation and expand the subcontracting production scale of civil aviation parts during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", 8 It is estimated that the total subcontracting production of speed control system will expand to 1billion US dollars by 2010. Pang Zhen said that after obtaining the "access certificate" in the international market, the company will continue to expand in the field of subcontracting production and cooperate with HEPES Rus, A. A. C. polymers' potential consumers in the LED lamp market, Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and other large international aviation enterprises to provide more made in China

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