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The "China's good driver" urban training camp series of dream seeking grassland has come to a successful conclusion

the "China's good driver" urban training camp series of dream seeking grassland has come to a successful conclusion

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2019 "China's good driver" has gone through Wuhan, Chengdu, xiong'an and Qingdao from early spring to summer. Wherever I went, I forged a deep friendship with local construction machinery industry practitioners. "China's good driver" was launched in Yimeng old district in 2013, always adhering to the brand concept of "reliable bearing and heavy trust" of Shandong Lingong, and creating a better life for tens of millions of front-line practitioners in the construction machinery industry

on August 6, the closing battle of "China's good driver" urban training camp came to Ordos, a vast grassland. As the last stop of the "China's good driver" urban training camp, the registration was very popular. Some pilots came to Ordos from a long distance; Other pilots missed the registration time. After the registration deadline, they still want to get the quota of "jumping in the queue"...

photos of the activity site

huozongde, general manager of Jinan Heavy machinery marketing company of Shandong Lingong, said that the 2019 "good driver in China" activity continues to work hard. Following Wuhan, Chengdu, xiong'an and Qingdao, we Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. also thank the majority of new and old customers for their support to our company, Coming to Ordos is also a close battle

Ordos is one of the 18 typical regions in the 30 years of reform and opening up. It is an emerging economic city in Inner Mongolia and is positioned as one of the provincial sub central cities by the autonomous region government. Ordos is a national civilized city, one of China's top 50 cities with comprehensive strength, and a demonstration base for the "double hundred projects" of comprehensive utilization of resources. The "good driver" activity provides professional vocational skill training for the robot operators, and helps HRA (diamond cone indenter) 20 (8) stop the robot operators to obtain skill certification. This year, the "good driver" activity continues to upgrade. It only needs to press the reset button in the main interface to automatically reset the whole process. The star level robot operator evaluation link is added, and the corresponding star level evaluation is given through the evaluation of excellent robot operation skills and moral evaluation, And actively recommend to the industry through various forms to help good bosses find star level good drivers with excellent moral character, excellent technology and both morality and ability at the first time. The exchange and communication platform has strengthened the friendship and feelings between Shandong Lingong and local construction machinery practitioners, and also made Shandong Lingong a trusted friend of construction machinery practitioners

Huozongde, general manager of Jinan Heavy machinery marketing company of Shandong Lingong

as a local dealer, yangyongfeng, chairman of Inner Mongolia Changhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., said that as a well-known public welfare activity in China, "China's good drivers" have brought the long unknown and hard-working drivers from behind to the stage. On the one hand, it enables the robot operator to show his skills and strength and achieve good results; On the other hand, it allows the manipulator to deeply experience the temporary products, feel the flexible and convenient control sense and various humanized designs of the temporary products, and learn the basic knowledge of equipment maintenance and repair. It is an activity very beneficial to practitioners in the construction machinery industry

yangyongfeng, chairman of Inner Mongolia Changhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

temporary work products save time and effort, and the temporary sales staff are enthusiastic and meticulous, all of which help the "good driver in China" activity students represent Zhang Dong's career development. Since he was engaged in the construction machinery industry, temporary dealers have taken the initiative to help him solve problems when he was short of funds at the early stage of entrepreneurship; Helped him climb mountains of difficulties. Now that he has his own team, he will not only get the star certification through participating in the "good driver in China" activity, but also get to know more reliable friends, learn more skills and broaden his horizons through this platform

"good Chinese driver" student representative Zhang Dong's photo

on the basis of continuing the two links of professional qualification training and assessment and star level robot certification, the "Tiktok show" link of "good Chinese driver" activity Ordos station continues to perform brilliantly. On the day of the event, although the sky was not beautiful and the rain was continuous, it did not affect the participation enthusiasm of "good drivers". While showing their skills to watch the game carefully, the pilots did not forget to "shake out" their own highlights. In combination with the characteristics of the grassland, they actively responded to the topic of "I am a good driver in China" initiated by Shandong Lingong Tiktok enterprise (sdlg1972),. Many small videos have attracted the attention of "shake friends", and the number of likes has kept breaking new records. If you want to win the Tiktok award, don't stop and continue to "shake up"

photos of the event site

after more than four hours of "real sword and real gun" duel, six pilots, wangwenguang, narsong, Gaofeng, liuweifeng, zhangchuanbin and wuzhibin, have obtained the three-star certification of "China's good driver" Ordos station

"China's good driver" Ordos station three-star pilots

after the tense and exciting competition, there are also mouth watering Inner Mongolia flavor meals and cool campfire parties. People held hands, drank horse milk wine and hummed Mongolian long tune. At this big party, both the machine operator and the boss became a family

the busy robot operators exchange experience here, creating convenient conditions for better employment in the future. Although the "Chinese good driver" urban training camp has come to an end, the activity of "Chinese good driver" continues, which will provide opportunities and create convenient conditions for more engineering robots. At the end of August, the "China's good driver" activity will invite three-star good drivers from various city stations to participate in the "China's good driver" Star Pilot Finals held at the headquarters of Shandong Lingong Linyi

photos of the bonfire party at Ordos station, a "good driver in China"

as long as you have a dream and are willing to work hard, Shandong temporary workers will accompany you all the way! 2019, let's work together to realize our dreams

(Li Xiao, Shandong lingongrong media center)

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