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As we all know, a car has more than 30000 parts. It can be said that the upstream, middle and downstream parts industry chain of the automotive industry is quite large and complex. Although in the development process of China's automobile industry, self owned brand cars have been localized and have their own brands, some key parts have been unable to bypass several global famous parts manufacturers, such as Bosch, Valeo, Delphi, Aisin, continental and other auto parts giants

on April 2 this year, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Subaru, Dafa and Isuzu, as well as Aisin aw and Gatco, two automatic transmission enterprises, jointly established the automobile power transmission technology research association (Trami). These 11 companies will work with university research institutions to conduct basic and applied research on transmission technology, so as to accelerate technological progress, cultivate more talents and enhance the influence of Japan's automotive transmission industry. These 11 companies will provide 260million yen of preliminary research funds and more than 100 researchers. The Japanese government may provide special support in the future

according to statistics, foreign investment has accounted for 60% of China's auto parts market. Among them, the experts in the car parts industry estimate that it reaches 80%, while in the automotive electronics and other high-tech products as well as the engine, transmission and other core parts, the market share controlled by foreign capital is as high as 90%. Now, multinational companies are not only satisfied with calling the wind and the rain in the high-end market, but also extend their tentacles to the low-end market, which makes independent parts enterprises lose their last territory to survive. Among the top 100 auto parts suppliers in the world, China has no auto parts suppliers on the list, which is very inconsistent with China's position of No. 1 in the world in terms of auto production and sales

China's parts and components enterprises have been developing for a relatively short time. They basically started from products with low technical content and edge, and developed by relying on relatively single products and a small number of customers. At the initial stage of development, the value of single vehicle supporting is low, and the market share is relatively scattered. Under this background, especially in the field of key parts manufacturing, it is difficult to meet the direct supporting standard of domestic joint venture vehicle manufacturers. Multinational auto parts suppliers, with their advanced design and leading advantages in promoting the transformation of China's biomedical materials industry development mode from low-level factors such as resource consumption and cheap labor to high-level factors such as technological innovation and capital, R & D technology, long-term and stable cooperation with vehicle manufacturers, have played a leading role in China's key auto parts manufacturing field

at present, China has become the largest automobile production and sales market in the world. However, since 2010, the annual import volume of parts and accessories of motor vehicles in China has exceeded 20billion US dollars. Germany, Japan, South Korea and the United States are the main import source countries, accounting for nearly 80% of the total. The domestic market is basically monopolized by foreign capital. In addition to a large number of automobile parts imported from abroad, the domestic market is also basically monopolized by foreign capital

according to statistics, 70% of the world's top 100 auto parts enterprises have set up factories in China, and more than 1200 foreign-funded enterprises have invested in China, with the trend of continuous expansion. With the upgrading of the domestic automobile industry, independent brands have entered the transformation and upgrading period. As domestic parts and components enterprises have not kept up with the upgrading of their own brands, in the new round of competition, transnational parts and components enterprises have started a new round of investment in recent years, not only accelerating the investment layout in the Chinese market, but also focusing on the establishment of localized research and development centers in China, so as to be rooted in the local market; Joint venture parts companies are gradually engulfing the former sphere of influence of independent parts, and their penetration rate in China's automotive industry is getting higher and higher; The share ratio of foreign investment in transnational parts is rising rapidly, even tending to be wholly-owned, and has realized the flow of large-scale production. Its influence is also growing... Domestic parts enterprises are unable to compete with it and are rapidly declining. At present, the pattern of China's existing parts enterprises has been completely changed. China's automobile industry is falling deeper and deeper into the swamp of overseas parts, and is reduced to a vassal of foreign investment and an overseas colonial workshop

China's complete vehicle market has low concentration and fierce competition. This situation has prompted enterprises to speed up the introduction and industrialization of new models and technologies. Under this background, the innovation of auto parts production technology has become a necessary condition for parts suppliers to meet the competition of complete vehicle manufacturers. Due to the lack of independent R & D capability and core technology, independent parts enterprises are mainly concentrated in the middle and low end, especially in the R & D and innovation of new products of automotive electronic products and electronic control mechanical parts with high scientific and technological content. Foreign funded parts enterprises have obvious advantages in capital, technology and scale, so they continue to develop cost-effective products that meet the needs of domestic auto enterprises, further compressing the living space of local auto parts enterprises

China's auto parts suppliers lack independent core technology and are highly dependent on foreign parts enterprises. 2. The key areas of the machine where the special oil pump is used to supplement the hydraulic oil parts for the pulser system are still dominated by foreign investment. More independent brands are seizing the market in the fields of interior decoration with low technical content. It can be said that the supply of core parts is controlled by others has always been a hidden pain in China's auto industry. In today's global economic integration, with the increasing proportion of high-tech such as electrification, intelligence and networking in the automotive industry in the supplier business, these epoch-making "chip" electronic products with high-tech content are important related industries for the development of China's complete vehicle manufacturing. The ability of component enterprises determines the core competitiveness of China's automotive industry

in the future, China's auto parts industry should build a safe and controllable auto parts foundation, improve the construction of parts supporting system, deepen zero integration cooperation, promote collaborative cooperation, maximize benefits, accelerate the integration of new technologies, strengthen technical research, establish and improve the parts technology innovation system, etc. In short, China's auto parts industry has a heavy task to undertake The Timken test at low temperature and low speed is far from the actual working conditions. Only by becoming the largest and strongest country in the world-class parts industry can China truly become a global automobile power

in addition, according to the report on in-depth market research and investment prospect forecast and analysis of China's auto parts manufacturing industry released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, in, the global auto parts market grew from 9.9 trillion yuan to more than 12 trillion yuan, of which the scale of China's auto parts industry rose from 2.0 trillion yuan to 3.8 trillion yuan. It can be seen that the potential market potential of China's auto parts industry is huge

in the 12th Five Year Plan for auto parts industry, China pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the realization of the autonomy of key parts in the auto industry. Therefore, in the coming years, the auto parts industry will be one of the most promising industries in China and will maintain a high growth rate

under the trend of large-scale, modular and centralized development of the auto parts industry, it has become a major trend for the development of China's auto parts industry to improve the market concentration of the auto parts industry through mergers and acquisitions in the industry and the elimination of low-tech and small-scale enterprises

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