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Three Dongguan enterprises were selected as the top 100 enterprises in the garment industry in 2012. Recently, the China Garment Association officially released the list of the top 100 enterprises in the garment industry in 2012, ranking the three indicators of product sales revenue, total profit and sales profit margin respectively. A total of 143 enterprises were listed in the list, including 15 enterprises in Guangdong Province and 3 enterprises in our city, which was the most in previous sessions

among them, Dongguan suyute Garment Co., Ltd. was listed in the three indicators in this selection, ranking 63rd in product sales revenue, 28th in total profit, and 18th in sales profit margin, which was significantly higher than that in 2011

Guangdong xiaozhubanna Clothing Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Tianxiang Clothing Co., Ltd. were selected together this time. The children's clothing brands of these two enterprises just won the title of the third China's top ten children's clothing brands last month. The children's clothing of xiaozhubanna brand and the children's clothing of pencil club brand are loved by the majority of consumers for their concise, practical, free style and classic and elegant European style, It has a high market share

Dongguan suyute Garment Co., Ltd. is a garment enterprise integrating R & D, design, sales, brand construction and promotion. At present, after a few years of rapid development, its brand trend front has spread all over the country

it is understood that in order to set an industry benchmark for China's garment industry, the China Garment Association has ranked the top 100 enterprises in the textile industry by the percentage of the ratio of the reduced area of the cross-section to the original cross-section area for 18 consecutive years since 1995. For the enterprises participating in the top 100 activities, the product sales revenue in 2012 was 450million yuan or more or the total profit was 13million yuan or more; The enterprise has no loss. Perfect after-sales service. Moreover, the total profit and product sales revenue of the enterprise mainly come from clothing business (the total output value of the clothing industry is required to account for more than 60% of the total output value of the enterprise)

in the whole manufacturing system of Dongguan, the textile and garment industry plays an important role, Humen Town and Chashan town were also awarded the title of "China garment industry" by China Garment Association last year "The anti-monopoly law enforcement agency is entitled as a demonstration cluster for investigating and dealing with the abuse of market arrangement status. Dongguan has a developed textile and garment industry and complete industrial supporting facilities, forming a professional town with relatively concentrated textile and garment industries such as Dalang, Humen and Chashan. At the same time, Dongguan has a high degree of outward orientation in the textile and garment industry, with 75% of its products used for export, which is a window and barometer for the development of the national textile and garment industry

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