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The difficulty of obtaining a birth permit exposes the right to Rent-seeking: it will cost tens of thousands of fines to reissue it.

recently, birth permits have become a hot topic in society. Many people reported that it is still difficult for the floating population to apply for a "birth permit" on the spot. At the same time, the national population and Family Planning Commission issued the notice of the national population and Family Planning Commission on facilitating people to apply for birth permits, requiring all regions to simplify the process of applying for birth permits, and the floating population can apply for "birth permits" locally in their places of residence. How difficult is it to apply for a birth permit? Can this notice improve the current situation of difficulties in handling certificates? The legal system conducted an investigation

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a small birth permit affects the hearts of many people, especially for those living in a foreign country, the process of applying for a birth permit is very tortuous

not long ago, the national population and Family Planning Commission issued a special notice on this, requiring all localities to simplify the procedures for handling certificates and solve the problem of difficulties for the masses in handling certificates. In addition, the first child-bearing Service Certificate (Registration) is handled for both migrant childbearing age couples in their registered residence location, current residence township (town) and street, and the first connection system is implemented

after the issuance of the above provisions, the birth permit has received more and more attention, but the complexity of this problem is beyond many people's imagination

the "fight" of local policies intensifies the "difficulty of obtaining a birth certificate"

in about a week, Gao Mingyong, a media practitioner working in Beijing, will have a child. Looking back on the quite dramatic process of applying for a birth permit, he really "can't afford to be hurt"

"my wife and I came from Henan Province. Later, due to college and work, my registered permanent residence remained in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, and her registered permanent residence remained in her hometown for some reason." Gao Mingyong said that their situation is relatively common among the current floating population in China. The most common way to apply for a birth permit is to go to the woman's registered residence. A few months ago, after being inquired by my father-in-law, they prepared the materials needed to apply for the birth permit: "including the original ID card of my wife and I, the original marriage certificate, the original residence booklet, the certificate letter of 'first marriage without childbirth and no upbringing' issued by their respective units, and the certificate letter of 'first marriage without childbirth and no upbringing' issued by the neighborhood committee and sub district office where my personal household registration is located."

because it is the first child and belongs to "first marriage without childbirth without support", late marriage and late childbirth, the conditions are legal, and the materials are complete. Gao Mingyong thought that things would go smoothly

unexpectedly, he was "stuck" as soon as he came up. The other party's reason is very simple. According to the family planning policy of a city in Henan where Gao Mingyong's lover is located, to apply for a birth permit, you need to fill in the "one child birth certificate issuance registration form" and affix the official seal of the neighborhood committee and Street Office of the jurisdiction where the man's registered residence is located

however, when Gao Mingyong went to Nanjing from Beijing to seal, a staff member of the neighborhood committee where his registered residence was located told him that according to the regulations of Nanjing, he would not seal official documents outside Nanjing, but could only issue a letter of proof with the official seal

contradictions appear in this way. Gao Mingyong's wife's family planning office in a street where her registered residence is located has a firm attitude: "if you don't stamp as required, you can't apply for a birth permit."

later, Gao Mingyong's father-in-law went to the family planning office several times, but returned fruitless

at this time, Gao Mingyong thought of another move and went back to Nanjing to handle it. But when he arrived in Nanjing, he was told that he was a collective registered permanent residence. According to the regulations, the woman can only issue a birth permit, and the man is responsible for providing materials. Gao Mingyong realized that this road was impassable

in addition, another way is to go to another city of Gao Mingyong's origin in Henan

therefore, Gao Mingyong's father went to the family planning department to ask how to handle it, and was told that 13 official seals or signatures were needed, including 5 villagers' representatives, village family planning cadres, village directors, village branch secretaries, township family planning office staff, deputy directors and directors in charge, deputy Township heads and township heads in charge of family planning work, etc

when Gao Mingyong's father "got" the ninth signature, Gao Mingyong decided to give up

"The cost of industrial manufacturing on this road now is too high compared with a few decades ago. When talking to the head of the family planning department in my hometown, he told me that my wife and I need to move back to our hometown to apply for a birth permit - and if my household registration is moved back, it will be directly changed to an agricultural household registration, involving the current registered residence identity. If it is an agricultural household registration, even if I work in Beijing, I may only be able to apply for the new rural cooperative medical system in rural areas, rather than current urban residents The social treatment of the mouth. " Gao Mingyong said

"it's difficult to get a certificate" is not "one is suffering"

GAO Mingyong, who felt a little desperate, posted a Weibo: "don't force me anymore. If you don't give me an explanation, I'll give you an explanation."

Gao Mingyong, who was originally to vent his emotions, didn't expect that such a microblog was forwarded nearly a thousand times in a day, with nearly 300 comments. Many people, especially those whose registered residence is not local, feel the difficulty of applying for a birth permit

a friend from Shanghai left a message to Gao Mingyong: "in 2008, when applying for a birth permit, six chapters were stamped on the neighborhood committee, archives management department and street where the two people's household registration was located, and the seventh chapter was stamped on the district health service center before it was finally completed. During this period, difficulties were constantly encountered, and a nosebleed occurred at one time. At that time, his wife was pregnant for more than two months."

"I don't want to be a super birth guerrilla. I just want to have my first child in accordance with the law, but I never thought that the procedures for giving birth to a child were so cumbersome. My husband and I got married last year. At that time, we knew that giving birth to a child required a birth permit, and we began to prepare. I am from Inner Mongolia, and my husband is from Jiangxi, both of whom work in Shenzhen, and both of whom are older young people who get married and have children late." A woman working in Shenzhen told me in, Make other materials attached to the surface fall off by mixing "This year, I was pregnant, and I had to file in the obstetrics department of the hospital when I was three months old. I bought social security, and I expected to be able to reimburse the expenses. However, the hospital said that I must have a family planning certificate issued by the living community, so I went to the family planning office, saying that I must have a birth permit first, and then I called the family planning office in my hometown, saying that I must have all the household registration, ID card, photos, unit certificate and the non birth certificate issued by the man's hometown, and the hospital inspection results, and I wanted to come in person. I It was said that it was inconvenient for me to go home with a big stomach, so I asked my relatives to do it on behalf of me. At any rate, I got permission, so I sent all these back to a relative in Inner Mongolia and asked him to help me run. The result of the relatives' visit was that the family planning office had many reasons to refuse to do it. First, the man's certificate had expired - my husband's certificate was done last year, and it failed last year, so it had to be reopened this year; Second, my registered permanent residence was in one city last year. Because there were no relatives there and it was inconvenient to handle affairs, I moved to another city, so the reason why I didn't do it was that my registered permanent residence had been moved to this city for only one year and I couldn't master my situation, so I had to go back to my hometown to do it. The former problem is easy to handle. My husband is close to Jiangxi and can go back and forth in a few days, so he opened the certificate again. But I don't know whether the latter question will be investigated deeply. At present, I'm still waiting for the result. I'm embarrassed to urge my relatives more, so I can only wait. "

as Gao Mingyong's microblog spread more and more widely, things finally changed: a friend saw Gao Mingyong's microblog and helped him contact the local government. Finally, the government came forward to coordinate and solve this problem. After receiving a positive reply that could be handled, Gao Mingyong returned to Henan with his wife who was pregnant for nearly seven months to apply for a birth permit

after Gao Mingyong "exposed" this hard-earned birth permit on Weibo, he didn't expect that the staff of the State Family Planning Commission would call him

"they apologized and thanked me. The apology was for the inconvenience I faced in the process of handling the certificate, and the gratitude was because I had been very restrained and rational in expressing the difficulty of handling the certificate, and they said that my experience was also helpful to the work of the family planning commission." Gao Mingyong said, "through contact with the staff of the State Family Planning Commission, I found that, in fact, the State Family Planning Commission has already noticed this problem, and they also have a very thorough grasp of the situation in this regard, and they know all kinds of situations very well. They have also been working hard to solve this problem, and they still need more appropriate opportunities."

breaking the "difficulty of handling certificates" requires breaking through multiple obstacles

birth permit has a long history, and there are still many obstacles to fundamentally solve its "difficult" situation

shortly after the notice of the State Family Planning Commission on simplifying the handling of birth permits was issued, a well-known media, when visiting an office in a certain place to ask about the relevant matters of the "notice", unexpectedly received such an answer, "you have seen it, that is, if you want to come to us, you have to wait"

Yang Hongshan, a professor at the school of public administration of Renmin University of China, analyzed that China's social mobility is increasing, which makes the separation of people's registered residence and residence more common. Childbirth itself is the business of both husband and wife. In the process of applying for the birth permit, many places now require grass-roots organizations at two to three levels to seal respectively, including neighborhood committees, including sub district offices, and in rural areas, from village committees to township governments. Such several levels involve the residence and registered permanent residence of both men and women, which leads to countless chains, countless nodes, and dozens of official seals at dozens of nodes, It makes the couple exhausted in order to apply for birth permits. On the other hand, this process is actually a power rent-seeking phenomenon. In the relevant provisions on the management of family planning service certificate, it is required to set different management according to different groups, such as the time node for handling, which stipulates that the birth certificate should be handled before the child is born, and there will be a fine if it is not handled at this time point. In a sense, the existence of such a fine also provides the possibility for some grass-roots units to examine and approve in strict accordance with the relevant management provisions, if we say to strengthen supervision, Then the corresponding fines will increase

Gao Mingyong also noticed such a phenomenon in the process of applying for the birth permit for several months, that is, the birth permit, originally as a public service, has been alienated into a tool of power rent-seeking

"some places are like this. For example, it is stipulated that applying for a birth permit can be regarded as high-quality equipment. If you don't apply for it after the expiration of the time limit, no one reminds you. If you apply for it before birth, you may be fined 3000 yuan. In other places, if you don't apply for a birth permit before the child is born, you will be fined tens of thousands of yuan at a time when the child needs to apply for a new Hukou after birth." Gao Mingyong said

the case handling prosecutor of the people's Procuratorate of Fengxian County, Jiangsu Province, told the court that after investigating a number of cases of abuse of power by grass-roots family planning cadres, it found that the quality of rural grass-roots family planning cadres was not high and their legal awareness was weak. Grassroots Family planning workers generally have a low level of education, lack the minimum legal concept, and are limited by the level of education. Many of them simply do not know that abuse of power is a crime. In their view, it is just a matter of having more children. Even think "I work for you, you pay money, as long as you don't put your own pocket, what's wrong

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