Behind the leapfrog growth of Changhong Jiahua

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Changhong Jiahua: behind the leap forward growth

some people say that it itself is a big Jianghu. The IT distribution industry, as the hub of this great Jianghu, naturally has fierce competition. However, the ranking of enterprises in the industry is indeed difficult to change

but all this has changed a lot this year: a few days ago, China's it golden list announced China's top ten excellent IT distributors, that is, the top ten in China's it distribution industry in a general sense. Among them, the biggest highlight comes from Changhong Jiahua, which is equal to Yingmai with a turnover of 13billion, and ranks in the forefront of the distribution market together with Shenma, Lianqiang, Jiajie and other enterprises

Changhong Jiahua, which has always pursued a low-key, has brought enough shock to the industry this time: its performance increased by 57% year-on-year, far exceeding the growth rate of its peers in the industry

the choice between industry and business

needless to say, it distribution enterprises strive for the comprehensive strength of the breadth and depth of channel layout, the professionalism and timeliness of marketing services, etc., which also determines that the growth and development of it distribution enterprises are difficult to achieve leapfrog expansion, which is generally linear and natural growth. But for an enterprise like Changhong Jiahua, which has only grown for a few years, the process from industry recruits to industry giants is obviously to get rid of the general law of the development of this industry, but to create a leap forward high growth myth

Changhong Jiahua achieves high-speed growth, and the most critical thing is that we take the distribution business as an industry. Zhujianqiu, President of Changhong Jiahua, pointed out. In fact, the distribution business is done as an industry or as a pure business. Although there is no big difference on the surface of the business, the substance is quite different. In a big way, as the flagship of Changhong Group's it direction, Changhong Jiahua's distribution business is bound to be operated as an industry, which is very different from doing business. If it is a pure business, the only consideration is whether it can make money quickly at present, and it is not urgent to think about the long-term layout; However, to operate distribution as an industry, we must take into account many long-term development interests, and dare to carry out long-term strategic layout, so that we can have more stable growth income in the future, and pay more attention to our own services and the cultivation of competitiveness

it is from this understanding that Changhong Jiahua operates its distribution business as a long-term planned industry. At present, in the distribution of Changhong Jiahua's business, there are both the high-end layout of value-added distribution products and the medium and low-end layout of massive distribution products. In the overall layout, some businesses can quickly bring profits, while some businesses are of strategic significance. Because they are treated as an industry, they have a continuous focus, so as to lay the foundation for long-term earnings, which ultimately builds a strong foundation for the rapid growth of Changhong Jiahua

positioning of service

I think we are a service enterprise. Many people mistakenly think that distribution is a business enterprise, buying and selling, making a difference. In fact, this understanding is very simple. If you understand it distribution based on this concept, you can't do it, because such an idea is wrong. I define it distribution as a modern service industry. Zhu Jianqiu, President of Changhong Jiahua, has always emphasized this

positioning distribution as Changhong Jiahua in the service industry, the idea of being a good partner to help grow and support success is natural. Under the guidance of this concept of serving as a good partner, Changhong Jiahua has improved its professional marketing service ability both inside and outside, which has effectively helped its upstream and downstream partners achieve new breakthroughs in performance. Among them, Changhong Jiahua's unique channel partners, in order to enable customers to quickly obtain a full range of information training services, in 2011 alone, its apple, think, Dell, IBM and other product lines carried out about 500 characteristic trainings for channel dealers and terminal dealers, and nearly 10000 partners participated in the training, significantly improving the comprehensive strength of channel dealers, And help manufacturers create a number of high-quality terminal vendors with differential temperature difference formed by zero contact with plastic at the die mouth

on this basis, it is the innovation of more professional marketing service modes and contents. Not long ago, Changhong Jiahua signed a tripartite cooperation agreement with Huaxia Bank and Beijing Rongke Shengda. The three parties will jointly create a new financing platform to provide special short-term financing and timely settlement services for the majority of small and medium-sized it dealer partners of Changhong Jiahua. On this platform, the dealers of Changhong Jiahua can choose the growth express payment mode after the order is issued, and connect with Huaxia Bank through the platform of Rongke Shengda to obtain special short-term financing and settle the payment with Changhong Jiahua. This model realizes the win-win situation among dealers, Changhong Jiahua and Huaxia Bank, and is also an innovative embodiment of Changhong Jiahua's good partner concept

the addition of jiayirong tmemi (2) 00 can effectively enhance the plasticization of materials to achieve the ambition of a long-term planning industry and the positioning of the service industry. Changhong Jiahua can realize the leap forward growth of its business and quickly become a giant in China's it distribution industry. Behind the leap forward growth of Changhong Jiahua, there is no doubt that it is the perfect integration of such an ideal of persistent industry and sincere professional service attitude. Such a fast and steady Changhong Jiahua will undoubtedly give us more expectations

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