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Behind the achievement of "quality benchmark" -- analyze the quality of Xichai

behind the achievement of "quality benchmark" -- analyze the quality of Xichai

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in the social wave, how many are brave and fearless, and the value lies in superior personality; There are so many people who strive for innovation and progress in the market, and ultimately win with quality. After winning the National Quality Award in 2015, Xichai has recently been rated as the "quality benchmark" of 2016 national industrial enterprises in the "quality benchmark" evaluation activity organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology. Its application for "practical experience of total quality management based on excellent performance mode" has been recommended, reviewed by experts, replied on site and publicized on the site. It can be said that Xichai has been pursuing excellence in quality management for many years, and has accumulated a unique Xichai quality culture. All quality indicators of its products are among the best in China, basically in line with the international advanced level. Its engine products that have been successfully put on the market have not only become popular products in the market, but also ranked first in the sales growth rate of the industry, and its exports ranked first in the industry, adding new highlights to the national automotive industry and FAW. So how did Xichai start the pursuit of quality development excellence with the excellent performance model? Let's enter Xichai and unlock the "success password" --

strict standards, leading quality, pursuing excellence

positioning high-end, pursuing excellence

"Xichai has been pursuing the goal of excellence in quality management for a long time. Around the goal of 'leading quality standards', it has gradually established an excellent quality management system." Walking into the bright and spacious tin rubber vibration reduction and isolation bearing anatomy tuchai Quality Assurance Center building, talking about the "rigorous new quality standard of Xichai", the technicians of the quality assurance department are proud to say, "the new quality standard currently implemented by Xichai has been in the forefront of domestic peers compared with the industry; compared with the past, it is more lean, scientific and modern." He said that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Xichai has formulated the "quality leadership" strategy. By introducing and implementing foreign advanced design and development quality processes, the quality design has reached the advanced level of the industry, and the cleanliness testing standards have also reached the domestic advanced level

"Xichai new product development project must pass nine quality doors!" The technician of the quality assurance department said that the new product development project of Xichai can enter the next development process only after passing through one door. The new variant must pass the final assembly, performance and oil seal quality review, and can leave the factory normally only after every on-site quality problem is solved! " He told that the quality work of Xichai has a clear overall idea. Focusing on quality improvement, Xichai aims at "five leading", namely, leading design quality, leading quality standards, leading quality control, leading quality cost and leading quality culture, and looks for breakthroughs in the four links of design, procurement, manufacturing and management. In terms of quality management, Xichai has already introduced the excellent performance model and continues to promote it. In particular, the implementation of quality system management review, continuous optimization and improvement from the decision-making level of organization optimization and process reengineering, and the establishment of a "two-level, three grasp, one implementation" quality control mode have laid an organizational guarantee for the improvement of product quality

"strictly follow the process and do not violate the process is the principle that Xichai has repeatedly emphasized and implemented." Relevant leaders of the quality assurance department said that in the development process of new products of Aowei series engines, Xichai people put the concept of "winning by quality" throughout the whole product life cycle, absorbed foreign advanced development experience and development process, combined with the characteristics of the factory, established their own three-generation development process, and carried out new product development in strict accordance with the process. Firmly control the quality from the source of design, development and verification. Lock key indicators such as performance and reliability, implement risk analysis system, evaluate design rationality, analysis perfection, measure feasibility, test adequacy, production consistency, etc., and ensure the quality of new products in one step

"quality with an iron fist is the quality behavior that Xichai has always pursued." For a long time, in the eyes of Xichai people, product quality is as priceless as life. Xichai people regard quality as a belief and have a systematic and long-term plan for quality work. Guided by the quality plan, the annual quality outline is formulated, and under the guidance of the annual quality outline, specific and quantitative objectives and tasks are formulated. This set of interlocking combination makes the quality work of Xichai always get a clear context of the whole process control without any mistakes

ingenuity and intelligent manufacturing endow products with excellent genes

in ancient times, most of them were "skilled craftsmen" with ingenious and unique ideas and excellent skills. They were persistent in quality and enjoyed the process of sublimation of products in their hands. The people of Xichai pursue high quality, and they also "strive for perfection" -

entering the joint plant of Huishan heavy duty diesel engine production base of Xichai, which covers an area of nearly 50000 square meters, makes people feel the powerful power of "Chinese intelligent manufacturing". Its world-class modern production line also shows the world the highest level of China's automobile industry. According to the leader in charge of quality technology, the specialization and intelligence of the production line here have endowed Xichai power with the inherent excellent gene. The machining line integrates agility, efficiency, automation and informatization, and the manufacturing level is in the leading position in the world

"in terms of manufacturing quality control, prevention and specification are the core." In order to ensure the high quality of orway machine, the heavy machine production line not only uses a number of error proofing technologies such as laser error proofing, photographic error proofing, quality information acquisition central processing system, but also checks the key dimensions by the MARPOSS detector through the monitoring station, and takes the quality standard of European enterprises as the comparison standard to strictly control its own quality indicators, meeting the quality indicators. At the same time, quality control systems such as standard operation instructions, error proofing technology and process control (SPC) are also used. With advanced quality concepts, strict quality standards and scientific quality assurance methods, the concept of "quality culture" is run through the whole product life cycle, and strict quality management system is used to regulate quality behavior. The main driving force of this market growth is aerospace The demand for light materials in the national defense and automotive industries continues to grow, and the strength of an iron fist ensures the high-end quality of Wuxi Diesel engine

"to ensure the high-end quality of Wuxi Diesel engine, we rely not only on high-precision equipment, but also on the quality standard process." Entering the CA6DL machining workshop, the logistics of the operation site, which is also dominated by white, is placed orderly and the site identification is clear. Approaching the operation area, the information card suddenly came into view. There are quantified and solidified business processes, from which we can see that its quality management is standardized and fine. According to the leaders of the workshop, there is a "operation standard book" for each post in the workshop, and a 100 point pass system for quality assessment is implemented. The workshop has made detailed provisions on the first article inspection from the aspects of equipment maintenance, tool replacement, production type change, operation shift change, program modification, etc., and has carried out process control on the preparation, commissioning and verification of processing programs and measurement programs, calling production, modification, backup, storage and archiving. Through this series of process control, the high-end quality of oway self-made parts is ensured

"in order to meet the enterprise standard for the cleanliness of the whole machine and parts, the assembly workshop even standardized the requirements for the cleanliness of white cloth and gloves and solidified the process documents." In the assembly workshop, the leader in charge of technical quality said that in order to improve the cleanliness of internal turnover station instruments, the workshop organized employees to overcome 48 weak link problems one after another. The workshop also ensures the quality control of the whole assembly process by applying error proofing technology, electronically covering the process, standardizing the inspection process, and setting up quality control points and quality warning points

"quality is life, and life is only once", this value definition has been firmly rooted in the hearts of all Xichai people

market praise excellent quality shows glory

quality interprets high-end, and quality creates classics

the continuous scientific and technological progress and perfect quality management system have created conditions for Xichai to continuously cultivate quality, ensure the stable output of high-quality products to the market, and create a well-known brand "Xichai", which makes Xichai power products sell well all over the country, bloom in various segments of the market, and the products of the three major brands are exported overseas, constantly releasing the magnetic charm of the brand -

10 years ago, A liberation car equipped with a Xichai Aowei engine came to Hotan, Xinjiang. In the dangerous desert, under the scorching sun, it galloped for 9 years, creating a miracle of 2million kilometers without overhaul. After "physical examination", all test data are within the scope of index assessment. Its appearance is vicissitudes, but its mechanism is still full of surging vitality! After a lapse of two years, in 2016, the high-quality user's home of Xichai - Aowei million kilometers club has developed rapidly since its establishment. More and more users have successfully achieved "million kilometers without overhaul", and "fresh blood" from all sides has been continuously injected, continuing the brilliant legend of Aowei machine. As one of the members, Peng Zhongfeng in Puyang, Henan Province has a special preference for Xichai Aowei machine. He is proud to say, "I have a total of 26 liberation cars of 350 horsepower under my command."

"Xichai Aowei machine is the king of heavy truck power." Geng Kaixue, general manager of Zhengzhou kuntong Logistics Co., Ltd., who is also a member of Aowei million if the input voltage of the two sensors is too high (1. An electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine designed based on the resonance principle is usually a few millivolts), praised the quality of Xichai Aowei machine. "The persistent choice of its 149 cars carrying Xichai machine is because of the great trust in its quality!" He said that this year, he bought another 15 Jiefang j6p-500 cars loaded with Xichai Aowei 13L machine. "It is 3400 kilometers from Zhengzhou to Meizhou. When it is fully loaded, the average output of Xichai ca6dm3 machine is less than 35 liters. More importantly, the power has been significantly improved, and it can be easily realized without changing gears when going uphill."

"I want to praise Xichai Aowei machine!" Zhou Jun, from Shenzhen andolong Logistics Co., Ltd., an important city open to the outside world, said when talking about his car, "I bought the right car for Xichai Aowei machine!" Zhou Jun is a major logistics and transportation professional in this regional central city in South China. The company's fleet has more than 40 Jiefang J6 cars equipped with Xichai Aowei engines, and recently bought a batch of FAW Jiefang j6p-500 cars equipped with Xichai Aowei 13L engines, "This Wuxi Diesel Engine not only has high horsepower, but also can reach the maximum torque at a low speed - at 800 rpm, it can reach the maximum torque of 1800nom. When climbing a hill, it can save 1 to 2 gears compared with a 460 horsepower model. It is easy to operate and improves the transportation efficiency."


the words of "like" speak the aspirations of countless Xichai engine users. In fact, diehard fans of Xichai machine can be found everywhere in the world and overseas markets. "Xichai" has accumulated a full popularity and reputation, which has also inspired the cooperative vehicle manufacturers, and the orders ahead are pouring in

it can be said that in this era of relying on the strength of products, whether in the Northeast where the temperature is lower than minus 30 degrees, or in the desert area where the temperature is higher than 45 degrees and the temperature is high and dry, the heavy truck loaded with Xichai Aowei machine can be strong, low consumption and durable. What is more convincing is that Xichai Aowei's machine passed through and

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