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The catalogue of advanced technology and equipment for soil pollution prevention and control publicized 16 items of equipment

soil is the material basis for sustainable economic and social development, and strengthening soil environmental protection is an important part of promoting the construction of ecological civilization. In the process of soil treatment, instruments and meters play a huge role. Environmental monitoring instruments and soil monitoring instruments play an irreplaceable role in the prevention and control of soil pollution. It can be said that the opening of the soil treatment market needs the support of advanced soil monitoring equipment

industry insiders said that in 2017, the central government's special fund for soil remediation was 11.2 billion, an increase higher than that for the treatment of air and water. It is true that government supportive policies are frequent. Under this opportunity, soil remediation, as an emerging market, undoubtedly brings great benefits to enterprises in the industry

as a powerful support for the monitoring work, instruments and equipment provide a scientific basis for the accuracy, efficiency, timeliness and universality of the testing work. In addition to the macro encouragement of soil treatment at the strategic level, it is urgent to solve the application problems based on the application problems

in order to implement the action plan for soil pollution prevention and control of the State Council and encourage the research, development, promotion and application of soil pollution prevention and control technology and equipment, the Ministry of science and technology worked with multiple departments to compile the catalogue of advanced technology and equipment for soil pollution prevention and control. On November 27, the Ministry of science and technology publicized the catalogue of advanced technology and equipment for soil pollution prevention and control (Exposure Draft). And solicit opinions from the whole country. The deadline is December 3, 2017

according to the announcement, the catalogue of advanced technical equipment for soil pollution prevention and control involves ectopic indirect thermal desorption technical equipment, ectopic direct thermal desorption technical equipment, preparation of soil heavy metal passivation/stabilization agent technology using biomass combustion ash, integrated equipment for automatic mixing of soil and remediation agents, equipment for high-pressure rotary injection of polluted soil and groundwater, as (form), Sb Hg liquid phase atomic fluorescence (lc-afs) analyzer, etc. 1 improve the attraction to talents, funds and projects, and 6 related instruments, equipment and technologies

in fact, since 2017, in the field of soil treatment, the national government departments have invested huge energy and funds in improving the legal system, standards and planning. In January, China issued the "measures for the management of soil environment in contaminated land plots" for the first time, which proposed that the lifelong system should be implemented for the treatment and remediation of soil pollution; In June, China's first special law in the field of soil pollution prevention and control, the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of soil pollution (Draft), was written in laws, such as felts, textile fibers, textile roving, chopped strand combinations or hybrid reinforcement materials, twistless roving and ground fibers; The experimental instrument of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer made of pre impregnated materials: formula regulates the behavior of soil pollution; In July, China National Environmental Monitoring Station compiled and issued the 2017 national technical requirements for soil environmental monitoring; In August, the Ministry of environmental protection issued four new soil testing standards involving microwave digestion and GCMS; In September, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that China's plastic extruder market has also made great progress and made breakthroughs in four environmental protection standards for 2015 for soil pollution assessment and monitoring. These effective measures will help promote the progress of soil prevention and control in China

in the recent "guiding opinions on accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry" issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, it is also clearly stated that by 2020, China will cultivate ten leading enterprises in the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry with a scale of 10 billion yuan, and strive to achieve an industrial output value of 1trillion yuan by 2020. Under the guidance of this goal, the manufacturing of pollution prevention and control equipment in the fields of air, water and soil will usher in a major development opportunity. Among them, the field of soil pollution remediation equipment includes the treatment and remediation demonstration of farmland soil pollution, industrial land pollution, mining area soil pollution, etc

in the long run, with the introduction of a series of policies and regulations such as the "ten soil regulations" and the "law on the prevention and control of soil pollution", the construction of China's soil remediation legislative system has been continuously accelerated. Some insiders are optimistic that the top-level design around soil protection will be formed in the next 10 years. The market space for soil remediation will also reach 4.6 trillion yuan. From the perspective of demand side, the soil remediation market will usher in the peak period of development in the "13th five year plan", with strong market demand. We also look forward to the healthy, efficient and orderly progress of soil monitoring under the background of continuous and clear national policies

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