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Behind the mask is the strength and responsibility of China's manufacturing industry. Release date: Source: Chinese paper author: Tan Zhi. On January 21, the column "1+1" connected Zhong Nanshan on "how to prevent and control the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia". It was also from this time that most people heard "human to human" for the first time, and realized the importance of mask protection, so a national campaign to hoard masks quietly began! However, when the whole people began to wake up, it had already become a scarce material, and a cover of hard to find conditions can be seen everywhere. In addition, the new year will be celebrated in a few days, and the flow of people will reach the most frequent and intensive time of the year. Therefore, under the dual action of two objective factors, during the new year, the whole people will wait from whether their respective regions have been occupied, to the daily changes in the number of new cases, and then to the tracking of the activity trajectory of confirmed patients. The focus will change with the development of the epidemic, but one thing will never change, and everyone will pay attention to it - the demand for masks the reasons for the vibration of the universal testing machine are usually the following:

people usually don't have much demand for masks. Nowadays, people have to have hands, and the demand has soared. The supply side is obviously unable to do what they want. Not to mention the fact that the express delivery is out of service, even the only sporadic inventory can't flow to the demand side, and a mask is hard to find everywhere. Under the epidemic, anyone who goes out cannot leave the protection of open masks, otherwise he will be fighting for his life, and living supplies will always be supplied. Therefore, what to give this year's holiday is a tight supply of masks

under the epidemic, many mask manufacturers have raised wages and recalled employees on leave overnight, and worked overtime to produce masks. However, with a population of more than 1.4 billion, the demand for at least one mask per person per day cannot be met with the productivity of the existing mask production line, even if they do not sleep for 24 hours, so most people can only stay at home honestly

enterprises have switched to the production of masks. China's manufacturing industry has both responsibility and strength.

the strength of China's manufacturing industry is extraordinary, and the epidemic has surprised the world! On February 2, a spokesman for the Ministry of industry and information technology said that the current production capacity of masks in China is about 20million per day. On February 27, the national development and Reform Commission announced that the daily output of medical masks in China would reach 32.12 million and 30.28 million on February 25. Including ordinary masks, medical masks and medical N95 masks, the technology sharing capacity of the three major purchase standards of electronic tensile testing machines above the national mask day has reached 72.85 million, and the daily output has reached 76.19 million, 3.4 times and 7.8 times that of February 1, respectively. The utilization rate of mask capacity has reached 105%. What is behind the simple figure of 105%

made in China People's feelings of unity and family. At the moment of the epidemic, everyone has a small universe with an exploding sense of mission, "more masks, more security at the front line", "more masks, less risk", "more masks, more protection for one person"... Too many front-line production workers reveal their true feelings, which are simple but warm to you and me. There are also too many entrepreneurs, regardless of cost and national interests, who resolutely switched to production security, which moved you and me. Take diaper manufacturers as an example. Because they have similar raw material reserves and basic production conditions with masks, it is relatively convenient for such enterprises to switch to masks. However, although the process and materials are similar, after parameter adjustment and equipment modification, they have been transformed into a mask production line, and the two ends of the imported baby diaper production line worth more than 10 million have been scrapped, and the subsequent value is only one fifth of the original value. An exporter of diapers who switched to the production of masks said, "we should go all out and don't talk to the country about any conditions. We will protect the domestic market first and then the foreign market, even if the guests lose it". At this moment, every producer is glowing within their capabilities, looking forward to winning this epidemic prevention war

China's manufacturing industry has strong flexibility and strength again. It is necessary to popularize the production hardware needs of masks, including ordinary non-woven fabrics, waterproof non-woven fabrics, polypropylene melt blown non-woven fabrics and 10000 class clean workshops. We see that in the high-end industry, there are 10000 level clean workshops that can be transformed into medical masks to purchase production equipment, establish new processes, and urgently recruit employees to produce masks, such as Wuling Automobile, BYD, Zhongshun jierou, Vida... Sinopec, the huge chemical supplier behind it, is also intensively adjusting its production plan to continuously supply polypropylene. Although melt blown cloth is in short supply, it is also trying to break through at present. In addition, many enterprises have started production of masks from scratch. As of March 10, 7314 new mask manufacturers have been added in 2020 (the annual increase is maintained at more than 4200). Practice has proved that more than 1.4 billion people need at least one mask every day. Apart from China itself, no country in the world has such sufficient production capacity and long enough industrial chain

it is necessary to remind here that although the deputy director of the social development department of the national development and Reform Commission of China looks at whether it is normal, Hao Fuqing stressed at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council on February 4 that the government will collect and store the surplus output after the epidemic, and as long as it meets the standards, enterprises can organize production at full capacity. However, enterprises should also do what they can, and do not blindly follow the trend! Under the epidemic, don't hoard goods, drive up prices, make up for the number, make and sell fake goods. This is a national war epidemic

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