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Behind the word "fast" - sidelights of the emergency repair of cable faults by the power operation and maintenance department of Southwest Aluminum Power Measurement and control center

[] as a professional power supply assurance unit of the group company, the power operation and maintenance department of the power measurement and control center meets the emergency repair task of power equipment, which emphasizes the word "fast", but there are many unknown stories and doorways behind it

the vanguard troops investigated the enemy situation

at 10 p.m. on September 25, the power operation and maintenance department received a scheduling instruction: the incoming line accident of PS7 Scientific Research Institute No. 5 of yizongjiang tripped and cut off power. Please organize emergency repair as soon as possible. Immediately, the power operation and maintenance department sent technical backbones to the site of the Scientific Research Institute for inspection and confirmation. First, the switch fault was eliminated, and further test and analysis confirmed that it was the main fault of the scientific research institute. The fault point must be found out, and then the cable buried in the underground cable trench should be dug out for maintenance. Due to the long distance, wide area and complex terrain involved, the construction at night is not qualified and can only be carried out after dawn

the next day, just at dawn, the emergency repair force came to the scene with maintenance equipment, and began to find the fault point along the direction of cable laying in the section of nearly kilometers from the first general manager to the scientific research institute. The difficulty of Zui is to detect the cable fault point through a special fault on the cable. Just like the mine detector in the movie, it needs to slowly detect the fault point inch by inch for fear of missing the suspected fault point. At the end of Zui, the fault was detected by waveform test, but based on the distance of pricing power in hand and combined with the measured data, the fault point was locked at 168 meters from the cable from the scientific research institute to a total descent direction. This is the theoretical data. The actual cable runs underground and cannot be seen on the ground. It is difficult to accurately locate the 168 meters on the ground. In order to not let go of any suspected fault points and provide enough space for subsequent construction, after determining the fault zone of more than 10 meters to be excavated, the emergency repair forces immediately excavated without saying a word. This is a time-consuming and laborious place for cable repair Zui. In order to speed up the repair progress, the Department hired labor workers to dig cables. There are many people and great strength

the soldiers annihilated their downstream PCB enterprises one by one in multiple ways, and their bargaining power was low.

after digging out the industrial chain focusing on the upstream materials of power batteries and planning the layout, they followed suit and successfully found the cable fault point in the originally scheduled fault zone of tens of meters. Then everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and the rush repair progress became clear. At this time, it is already 4:00 p.m. and the next thing to do is to deal with the fault point: the cable should be cut from both ends of the fault point to remove the faulty section. At the same time, the personnel should be divided into four groups to strip the wire at the two ends of the cut and the two ends of the cable to be replaced, and then re connect a new cable on the original line, and then do insulation protection. After Zui, use the voltage withstand test equipment to conduct the on-site cable voltage withstand test, Qualified means that the emergency repair is over

at the same time, other emergency repair personnel were not idle. The electrical team allocated interval support porcelain bottles, and was basically troubled by various quality defects of the tensile testing machine in the late stage of equipment use, replacing the connection with the grounding wire; The relay protection team carries out protection verification and switch transmission inspection

Mingjin pulled out and achieved success

the time had unknowingly arrived at 8:30 p.m., the construction task of the emergency repair work site was completed, waiting for the Zui evacuation power transmission, and the large troops were evacuated from the battlefield. The emergency repair director and the station personnel on duty coordinated the Zui evacuation power transmission at the first general landing. Zui finally succeeded in the power transmission at 9:40 p.m., the emergency repair was completed, the scientific research institute resumed the production power supply, and the production was resumed on site one after another

it took 24 hours from the occurrence of power failure to the success of emergency repair, and the completion of emergency repair task was faster than expected. Fast response, fast organization, fast arrival and fast implementation. Behind the fast, it is supported by an electric power operation and maintenance team with excellent professional quality, solid technical skills, hard work, and advanced weapons. The power operation and maintenance department will continue to provide high-quality and fast power supply services for the group company, and provide health care escort for the company to comprehensively win two tough battles and complete the annual work tasks

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