Fanhua won the 2011camrs Channel Innovation Award

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Pan China won the 2011camrs "Channel Innovation Award"

recently, the 8th China automation market seminar (2011camrs) and the 3rd China Automation Management Forum and 2011 automation annual selection and award ceremony were held in Beijing, at which pan China won the channel innovation award. This channel innovation award is intended to commend enterprises that have made comprehensive contributions to channel sales, management and industry value, which is the support and affirmation of the market and the media for the smooth transformation of Pan China's business model

pan China was founded in 1997 and has the agency right of the full range of products of nationalinstruments and MAC panel. Over the past ten years, with the gradual expansion of the company's scale and business, pan China has formed its own brand of machine, electricity, software and integrated products related to the measurement and control industry, and has more than 50 independent intellectual property rights

the company enjoys the title of high-tech enterprise, and has become a member of Beijing Zhongguancun Enterprise Federation and an aerospace industry alliance unit. The company has passed iso9001:2001 international quality system certification, and successfully passed the version change and certificate change review of ISO9001:2008 quality system certification in early 2010

as the initiator and practitioner of flexible testing technology, pan China combines virtual instrument technology with electromechanical integration technology, software technology, network communication technology and testing and measurement technology, and in this way, the system completes the matching of query and document, and successively introduces various products, including hardware board products, software design platforms, mechanical structure products, system integration products, University products, etc. With rich experience and professional technology, pan China has won the favor of major famous automobile manufacturers, national defense research institutions, excellent colleges and universities, as well as enterprises such as PetroChina, Sany Heavy Industry, China Mobile, China CSR group, etc

the annual CAMRS ceremony is quite prestigious in China's automation industry. This CAMRS focuses on the latest characteristics that affect the automation market reform, such as industrial energy conservation, IOT, and manufacturing informatization. It shares the latest research results and findings from the industrial control market research team

pursue quality, and nothing can be ignored

focusing on measurement and control technology for 15 years, pan China examines every detail, and relies on rich professional experience to provide high-quality testing and measurement products and solutions for many top manufacturers

we are dedicated to the reliability of the test system and the calculation of formula (4): accurate, efficient and unique, and are committed to providing you with a full line of personalized services from project planning to implementation and application. Because you are different

fifteen glorious years, however, we are never satisfied

pan China is willing to perform more extraordinary testing experience in the challenge, and accompany you to climb the peak

about Pan China Hengxing:

Beijing Pan China Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as pan China Hengxing) is a leading industry measurement and control expert and measurement and control technology professional company in China, providing professional testing and measurement solutions and complete sets of testing equipment for users in various industries, especially high-tech enterprises in the fields of aviation, aerospace and military industry. The company was founded in September, 2010 and is located in Zhongguancun High Tech Park, Haidian District, Beijing. Pan China Hengxing has a group of measurement and control industry experts who are familiar with various fields, has rich experience in testing and measurement engineering and a number of independent intellectual property rights, and has become a member of Beijing Zhongguancun Regional Enterprise Federation and the aerospace industry federation to promote full degradation repair of biological composite scaffolds, absorbable tissue repair materials, medical catheters Alliance unit in the industrialization process of clinical medical products such as medical dressings

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