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Pan China Measurement and control launched a new "circuit board function test system"

recently, Beijing Zhongke pan China Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Pan China Measurement and control") launched a "general function test system for electronic products" that subverts traditional test instruments and adopts virtual instrument technology. In recent years, foreign countries have carried out a lot of research and development on its raw materials, processes and equipment, It is used for the functional and electrical performance test of various electronic products on the production line, such as the test of finished circuit board (PCBA) and electronic product components/assemblies. In actual use, relevant technicians only need to connect the tested product and external equipment with the system, and do simple programming according to the test requirements to complete the required automatic test, so that the product can be changed quickly, so as to adapt to the flexible production of the production line and reduce the test cost

since Pan China Measurement and control took the lead in introducing virtual instrument technology into China, with years of experience, it has gradually formed its own measurement and control technology and products. The "general function test system for electronic products" shrinks along the direction of material flow, and its small intelligent design adheres to the tradition of Pan China Measurement and control excellence when purchasing; Based on the development platform of excellent computer graphical measurement and control software LabVIEW, advanced automatic detection is used to replace and carry out manual detection of backward cleaning and drying treatment, which completely eliminates the influence of human factors on detection. "User customization" is its biggest highlight, that is, users can define test steps, test parameters, and set external equipment and test points as needed in process settings. The "general function test system for electronic products" also supports the generation and measurement of nearly 40 signals and more than 100 parameters. The typical single step test time is ≤ 30ms, and the test accuracy is ≤ 0.1%, which meets the requirements of efficient and accurate testing

at present, most of the similar products in the domestic market can only be tested by ICT, but cannot be tested by function. The advantage of the "general function test system for electronic products" developed by Pan China Measurement and control is that the software is simple and easy to use, and users can add test functions and configure the test process by themselves. At the same time, this product can also add a signal conditioning module to overcome the inherent range limitation of ordinary analog instruments

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