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Fang Qingxi, chairman of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd.: build the "road" with ingenuity, the "road" of the South

Fang Qingxi, chairman of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd.: build the "road" with ingenuity, the "road" of the South

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Why are its products so popular with customers? Why is it not the largest but most respected by its peers? Why are the track pads of China's high-speed rail lines branded with its traces? Why is the Baiyun sunshine in Lhasa ancient city not disturbed by its operation? Why only it has passed the stringent technical threshold of the century project - Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

fangqingxi, chairman of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd.

the basis of ingenuity - there is no shortcut to focus. Shortcut is a detour

since the second half of 2013, China's macro economy has begun to face a severe test, and China's traditional manufacturing industry is shouting "tough winter, where to go". As an "old man" who has worked in the mixing equipment manufacturing industry for more than 40 years, Fang Qingxi, President of Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Association and chairman of Nanfang road machinery, also felt that this winter was indeed a little "cold". In the past 25 years, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has experienced a difficult entrepreneurial stage, enjoyed the dividends brought by the economic frenzy, and also experienced the baptism of several economic crises. Whether in "crisis" or "economic Mania", the polyester film tensile testing machine here is mainly aimed at the hot period of tensile performance testing of films for electrical insulation ". Nanfang road machinery has always maintained a clear understanding: only products and services are the eternal theme of the enterprise, not the largest, but the most professional

Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the concept of "being specialized, refined, well done and long-term". Fang Qingxi said that we constantly re mention this concept. On the one hand, we warn all southerners that only by adhering to this concept can we go further and longer; At the same time, I also want to dare to give some suggestions to industry partners, because only when all industry partners are committed to "specialization" and "refinement", our industry can develop more stably and in the long run

to be professional is to focus on products, research and development, and casting professional quality. To be refined is to use the craftsman's spirit to make exquisite and intelligent products, so that the products produced by Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. must be high-quality products. Doing well is to make good use of products, services and resources, be a good helper, housekeeper and friend of customers, and help customers generate good benefits. Do it for a long time - that is to insist on "being specialized, refined and well done" for a long time and forever, and establish the brand of Nanfang road machinery for 50 or 100 years

the market is an examination room that never slackens, and customers are the strictest examiners. The strategic idea that Nanfang road machinery always adheres to is to focus on the overall solution service provider and manufacturer in the whole field of professional engineering mixing with mixing as the core. It is the cornerstone of the development of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. to be professional and refined, and to be the first professional brand

as Fang Qingxi said, industry shock, only real Kung Fu can use "a thousand pounds fall" to stabilize the body; There are many crises. Only with high quality can we become "iron cloth shirt" and pass the test safely. There is no shortcut to focus. Only by calming down to concentrate on product research and development, refining quality, and improving service levels, can enterprises survive and develop, and the industry be evergreen

25 years, a quarter of a century, with a sincere craftsman's heart, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has embarked on a road of research and development focusing on mixing, exploring and forming its own way of enterprise development

ingenuity - travel is a technical school, sitting is a cold stool

Nanfang road machinery has been recognized as an absolute technical school by the industry. In the pursuit of leading technology industry and improving quality, we can't help but have the courage to sit on the sidelines and the courage to compete with ourselves countless times

"the mixing machine can be watertight. For such a big thing, the gap between the mixing blade and the side wall can be 1~3 mm. It must be made by craftsmen." Fang Qingxi, who has been a state-owned enterprise for more than 20 years and a private enterprise for more than 20 years and started with concrete mixing equipment, knows the secrets of technology best. He said that customers are most concerned about the durability of products. The smaller the gap is, the less the wear will be, and the longer the service life will be. The seemingly insignificant oneortwo millimeters often determine the service life of products

with the endless pursuit of quality, in 2014, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. was selected by the construction company of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge as the only purchaser of sand making equipment. Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. is a fine aggregate production line designed and manufactured by it, which shows the highest international level of aggregate processing technology, realizing aggregate crushing, shaping, screening, particle surface stone powder removal, stone powder content control, fine aggregate screening, fine aggregate proportion adjustment, stone powder collection According to the technical requirements of fine control, it is understood that the domestic materials used for bridge deck pavement before the high degree of automation and convenient operation of this equipment can only achieve 0~0.6mm fine aggregate. If more fine materials are needed, they can only rely on imports. However, even in foreign countries, it is impossible to use the same material to produce aggregates of seven specifications, but Nanfang road machinery has achieved that the finest aggregate reaches 75 microns, that is, 0.075 mm, It is similar to the ordinary flour, which means that the fine control is realized under the condition of ensuring the quality of aggregate. Therefore, the high-precision materials produced by this set of equipment lead the aggregate production standards at home and abroad

"sand is a very important raw material. The quality of asphalt mixture, dry mixed mortar and concrete is almost 90% determined by sand. The mixing process is like steaming rice in a pressure cooker. If the rice is not good, the pressure cooker is useless no matter how beautiful it is, and the steamed rice is difficult to swallow." Fang Qingxi said. In order to improve the quality of sand, the people of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. have made great efforts, and the measurement difference of one gram is not enough. They "pound" this every day, do it deeply and thoroughly, and pursue the quality of the ultimate level

however, not all good products can be recognized at the beginning. The dry mixing mortar mixing equipment of Nanfang road machinery has been on the bench for 8 years. Outside, some people say that they are full. Everyone adds water and stirs it well, but you have to dry the water in the sand; In addition, the management of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. also raised objections to this, suggesting that we should follow the mainstream of the market and make popular and popular products

"I insist that I don't do what everyone does. When the vast majority of people say good about a product, it's absolutely hopeless, isn't it? I comfort them every day. Laymen don't understand, but we know it's a good thing." Fang Qingxi said. Nowadays, high efficiency, low consumption and no pollution has become a compulsory standard for the mixing industry. The dry mixed mortar mixing equipment of Nanfang road machinery is serving customers at construction sites all over the country, and has quickly occupied the first place in the domestic market of the same category. A large number of international first-line building materials manufacturers such as Degao, Nippon, Mabei and Dongfang Yuhong have become supporters of Nanfang road machinery equipment. They have signed long-term strategic cooperation agreements with Nanfang road machinery in terms of material research, and are jointly committed to the R & D and transformation of green building materials

the soul of ingenuity - moistening things silently and naturally becoming an enterprise. The value of an enterprise is often reflected in the recognition of society and the respect of peers. When a product comes first, some people will say it is accidental; If every product is the first or close to the first, it is definitely not accidental, and it is never achieved overnight. Today, more than 200 technical backbones in China's mixing industry have worked for Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd., which insiders call "Huangpu Military Academy". With 25 years of persistence and development, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has become a respected enterprise

"Some companies every day are not necessarily good enterprises. The growth of enterprises must be long, and they must endure loneliness. They must be serious and dig out every detail. Moisten things silently. In the past few decades, enterprises will become big trees, and the talents we deliver for the industry will become the backbone. In the end, enterprise competition is actually the competition of overall solutions and services of the whole industry chain. Our overall plan is not out of thin air But the result of more than 20 years of accumulation. We define everything and do it step by step, so what kind of enterprise we become is a natural result. " Fang Qingxi said

after 25 years of development and expansion, Nanfang road machinery has become a recognized technology school in the industry. When it comes to the way of enterprise development and management, Fang Qingxi, the chairman of the board, is also as open-minded as a floor sweeper: "25 years ago, the boss of a famous enterprise in Europe once told me that you want to build a brand, and don't even think about it if it hasn't been 25 to 30 years. At that time, I thought it incredible. Is it really going to take so long? Now Nanfang road machine factory has been built for just 25 years, so it seems that we have just reached the starting line and started on the road."

in the future, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. will face more competition in a broader international market. The journey of the road begins with small steps; Don't forget your original intention, and your career will become perfect. Group after group of people from Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to introduce its various configurations and build the road ahead, and make unremitting efforts to establish an international top brand for made in China

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