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Fang Yong of North Heavy Industry: good director of fine research technology

Fang Yong, director of Hydraulic Research Institute of pressure equipment branch, which is unable to meet the applicable water standard JGJ 63 (9) for concrete mixing by X-Y recorder. In the face of 70MN special hydraulic press for blade pressing, such a major hydraulic system project, especially the price is too low. In order to ensure that the hydraulic system meets the operation requirements of the equipment, he actively communicated and discussed the technology and scheme with the project leader of the main engine, and finally formulated a reliable scheme according to the actual needs of the equipment. This equipment is a newly developed product. Comrade Fang Yong led the design team to tackle the key problems in the design process of this hydraulic system, overcoming the difficulties of tight time and heavy tasks. In the face of difficult problems, he consulted relevant data, consulted professionals, and even went to the supplier's manufacturer to check whether the performance of the test run of each component meets the needs of this equipment. In order to complete the design task, I worked hard, worked overtime to design and review, constantly optimized the design, and finally completed the design task in advance

for the special hydraulic system of 70MN hydraulic press, in order to meet the performance requirements of the system, advanced technologies at home and abroad are used in the design of the system, and the key components are foreign well-known brand products with reliable performance, ensuring the product quality of the hydraulic system. For the characteristics of high pressure and high flow of the system, the most advanced insertion technology is selected. This technology has the advantages of small flow resistance, large flow capacity, fast action speed, good sealing, simple manufacture, reliable operation and so on. However, the requirements for the valve block are high precision and difficult to design. While carefully studying the characteristics of the insertion technology, we also communicated with the supplier for many times, and finally ensured the rationality of the direction of the oil duct of the valve block. At the same time, in order to simplify the hydraulic system, realize the complex control program, and realize the integrated and relatively fast control system that can be thought of in the mind of Electromechanical, the more advanced proportional technology at home and abroad is adopted, which improves the working efficiency of the system. Considering the problem of cost control of this hydraulic system, high-performance, high-quality and low-cost components have been selected in the design process, and the configuration has been comprehensively improved while the design is more reasonable

through the technical innovation of the hydraulic system of this product, not only the performance requirements of the product have been improved, but also a solid technical foundation has been laid for related products in the future

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