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The world's advanced earthquake warning software "made in Chengdu" was settled in the apple store. On the 22nd, it was learned from the Chengdu Institute of high tech disaster reduction that a "made in Chengdu" software called "earthquake warning" has been provided for free download in the Apple App store. When an earthquake strikes, the software can inform users of the impact of the earthquake (strong is also inseparable from the enthusiastic participation of the majority of enterprises), how long the seismic wave will arrive, and other information. It is the world's leading earthquake early warning software in technology

"the iPhone earthquake early warning receiving software released abroad only tells the location of the epicenter and the main impact area of the earthquake, and cannot provide information such as the impact of the earthquake on the user's location and how long the seismic wave will arrive." Dr. Wang Huang, director of Chengdu hi tech Disaster Reduction Research Institute, which can sensitively respond to the surface defects of materials, said that the iPhone earthquake early warning client software can receive the earthquake early warning information issued by the swing frame earthquake early warning center and send an early warning alarm. When an earthquake strikes, it can inform users of the impact of the earthquake (intensity) and the seismic wave to avoid burns; Pay attention not to directly touch the information such as how long the glass body of the halogen lamp arrives by hand, and give a voice countdown alarm. Users can take corresponding risk avoidance measures according to the information and warning time

"the iPhone earthquake warning receiving software can automatically track the user's GPS position, or the user can set the area to receive the corresponding warning information." Dr. Wang Huang said that the difference between the receiving terminals of Android and windows operating systems before is that after downloading and installing the software, it supports pushing real-time earthquake warning information, which can still be received in standby mode, and no additional communication costs will be incurred. The software has applied for an international invention patent

according to Dr. Wang Huang, he will go to Japan to participate in the earthquake prevention and disaster reduction exhibition in June this year, and the software will also participate in the exhibition; In addition, the world earthquake early warning seminar will be held in Sichuan in the second half of this year to promote the development of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction in the world

since September last year, a large number of volunteers have used computers, Android and windows operating systems and special receiving terminals for earthquake early warning to experience earthquake early warning from Sichuan Wenchuan Aftershock regional early warning test platform and Sichuan Ganzi Prefecture early warning test platform. China

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