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Yuanyou heavy industry implemented a number of environmental protection measures to achieve cleaner production

Yuanyou heavy industry implemented a number of environmental protection measures to achieve cleaner production

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recently, Yuanyou heavy industry invested in the implementation of a number of environmental protection measures, which greatly promoted the pace of the enterprise towards cleaner production by building a multi station pumpless circulating paint spraying room and a smoke collection and treatment system

according to the understanding of China Construction machinery trade, cleaner production is a new development strategy. With the help of various relevant theories and technologies, it takes "preventive" measures in all links of the whole life cycle of products, organically combines production technology, production process, operation management and products with logistics, energy, information and other elements, and optimizes the operation mode, so as to achieve the minimum environmental impact The minimum use of resources and energy, the best management mode and the optimal level of economic growth

no pump water circulation solves the pollution of open-air painting

the environmental pollution of open-air painting has always been a problem that puzzles the cleaner production of the production workshop. For this, Yuanyou heavy industry invested 2million yuan to build a multi station no pump water circulation paint booth, which has been operated smoothly. The putting into use of pumpless water circulation spray booth accelerates and integrates with each other; On the other hand, we should give priority to the development of the new generation of information technology industry and new material industry, which not only solves the pollution problem of open-air painting, but also realizes the all-weather nature of painting work, further meeting the urgent needs of orders

according to the introduction, the gloss value can be obtained by water spray painting without pump. The structure of the room is simple, the construction is fast, the indoor air distribution is stable, and the purification efficiency is ≥ 99.8%. Due to the principle of fan exhaust and air jet to promote circulating water, there is no conventional pump circulating water supply system, so there is no problem of frequent blockage of equipment. The equipment maintenance cycle is once a year, which greatly reduces the maintenance workload of equipment and improves the production efficiency of Yuanyou heavy industry enterprise

the smoke and dust collection and treatment system pays attention to the health and safety of employees

in modern enterprises, only healthier employees can bring maximum benefits to the enterprise. Without the health of employees, there is no safe production of the enterprise, and the health and safety of employees can be guaranteed. Paying attention to the health of employees is a long-term vision and an intangible investment. Ignoring the health of employees will lay a serious potential accident for the enterprise

in this regard, in order to solve the harm of welding and gas cutting smoke and dust to the environment and the health and safety of employees, Yuanyou heavy industry invested one million yuan to implement the smoke and dust collection and treatment system, which greatly reduced the density of smoke and dust particles in the production workshop, achieved cleaner production, and also provided higher requirements for the health of enterprise workers

after a period of operation observation, the two major projects are currently running well, and employees generally reflect that the workshop environment has improved significantly. Through the cleaner production reform, Yuanyou heavy industry can not only achieve the purposes of energy conservation, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency increase, but also improve the market competitiveness of products. China unsaturated resin nano calcium carbonate is a kind of light calcium carbonate. Mr. Zhao Honghan, the Secretary General of the association and an industry expert, spoke highly of it after visiting the R & D center, in order to break the green barriers set in developed markets, better participate in global competition, and improve products The reputation of the enterprise has won a good social foundation

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