The hottest goal of the 12th Five Year Plan is to

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The "12th Five Year Plan" target restricts the production capacity of flat glass and improves the deep processing rate

"12th Five Year Plan" has a direct impact on the development and utilization of products. During the "5th five year plan" period, due to the decline in the growth rate of ordinary flat glass demand, the production capacity oversupply, and there is no sign of improvement in the short term

in the 12th Five Year Plan of the glass industry, JEC group published a new book exhibition goal: the industrial structure has been significantly improved, the deep processing rate and production concentration have been further improved, the independent guarantee ability of high-end products has been enhanced, the full oxygen combustion technology has been popularized and applied, the backward production capacity has been basically eliminated, the main pollutants have been discharged up to standard, and the energy consumption level has been further reduced

we believe that we should extend the industrial chain, increase the proportion of high value-added products, limit the expansion of ordinary flat glass production capacity, and increase the glass deep processing rate by 9 percentage points to 45%. Vigorously developing display substrate glass, photovoltaic photothermal glass and coated glass, low radiation and multi-functional composite coated energy-saving glass and products will enhance the competitiveness of the industry; The second is to promote technological progress, increase independent innovation, speed up technological transformation, and improve the relevant standards. The No. 3 roaster of the 280000 ton potential tapping and transformation project of Chalco Shanxi new materials Co., Ltd. has been approved for 150 days

during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, high-end products can achieve an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, and high-speed materials can innovate the future ", such as ultra-thin screen display substrate glass with an average annual growth rate of 28%, solar photovoltaic photothermal glass with 24%, low radiation coated glass with 18%, which are all areas of our focus in the future

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