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Gold Coast Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong opened low and cautiously held overnight orders

today, the main contract 603 of Shanghai Jiaotong opened at 17750 yuan/ton, with the highest price of 17840 yuan/ton, the lowest price of 17690 yuan/ton, and the closing price of 17825 yuan/ton. Press the "reset" key to reduce the position by 1132 to 38728 hands; Trading volume 78212 hands; The total position decreased by 1230 to 52594; The total turnover is 81642 hands

the Japanese rubber index opened at 203.94 yen and closed at 204.33 yen, down 1.09 yen

Hainan agricultural reclamation rubber pending order:

net latex: 5 orders in qiongken farm, a total of 197 tons. Among them, the starting price of bulk is 12400 yuan/ton, and the starting price of barrel is 130. The higher the accuracy of measurement results is, 85 yuan/ton

standard one glue: qiongken farm 6 orders, 336 tons, starting at 17550 yuan/ton

standard second glue: qiongken farm 3 orders, 80 tons, starting at 16000 yuan/ton

clear glue: qiongken has 3 farms at the 2017 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition, 84 tons, starting at 14390 yuan/ton

Hainan agricultural reclamation rubber auction transaction is general:

net latex: four transactions, a total of 158 tons, down 0.63%. The transaction price has strong adsorption effect of 12400 yuan/ton

clear glue: two deals, a total of 42 tons. Up 0.07%. The transaction price is 14390 yuan/ton

in Shanghai Jiao: today, it opened low and fluctuated widely. Investors are advised to operate in the short term within the day and hold overnight orders cautiously

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