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Go hand in hand, mutual benefit and win-win results - the distributor conference of baomeng group in North Asia was held in Shanghai

"the theme of this meeting is" hand in hand, mutual benefit and win-win "

> more than 50 distributor representatives from Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea and more than 20 representatives of the company attended the meeting. This meeting is not only the first distributor meeting of Baum Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baum (China)) in China, but also the official announcement by Baum group that Baum (China) will be the business center of Baum group in North Asia (including Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea) from January 1, 2009, Fully responsible for the business development of all products of the group in the region

at the opening ceremony of the conference, Mr. lizhenyu, general manager of baomeng (China) company, expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the participants on behalf of the management of baomeng group company

At the meeting, Mr. lizhenyu, general manager of baomeng (China), introduced the North Asia region of baomeng group, the development history of baomeng (China), the organizational structure of baomeng (China) and the goals of fiscal year 08/09 to the participants. The North Asia region of baomeng group includes Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea; Founded in September, 2006, under the leadership of general manager Mr. lizhenyu, all employees worked hard. After two years of development, baomeng (China) far exceeded the sales target set by the group in fiscal year 07/08. In fiscal year 08/09, all employees of baomeng (China) will work hand in hand with the distributor to create brilliance

 Mr. foers, executive director and President of global marketing of baomeng group, grandly introduced the general situation of baomeng group to the participants if he did not deal with it in a timely and effective manner. As a professional manufacturer in the field of global factory automation and process automation, Fort researchers try to keep the conductivity of the composite as much as possible. At the same time, Alliance Group has footprints in major countries in Europe, America and Asia. At present, it has 34 branches and more than 2000 employees worldwide. From a local enterprise specializing in the production of precision instruments to an international modern group company in the field of sensing technology, more than 50 years of successful experience has made baomeng group a true sensor technology expert. In 2007, baomeng group implemented the global brand unification strategy

"on the same day, baomeng (China) reviewed and summarized its sales and marketing in China in fiscal year 2007/08, and awarded three awards: excellent distributor award, best project cooperation award and greatest progress award in fiscal year 2007/08

"at the welcome dinner, at the gracious invitation of Mr. lizhenyu, the general manager of baomeng (China), Mr. Pan, the domestic representative of the distributor, made a passionate speech. When talking about the cooperation with baomeng (China), he received the full support of baomeng (China), and doubled the sales of baomeng products in fiscal year 2007/08. All colleagues at the meeting applauded warmly! Mr. Charles woo, the foreign representative of the distributor, places higher expectations on baomeng (China) and looks forward to cooperating with baomeng (China) to create brilliant achievements

"as a world-famous sensor brand, Borg alliance has gone through two years in China. At this meeting, Borg Alliance (China) showed its strong technical force, the operational strength of the team and the ambition of looking forward to the future market to distributors in North Asia

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