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"Going out" promotes the transformation of the machinery industry

since China officially joined the World Trade Organization on December 11, 2001, while China's economic growth and foreign trade have developed greatly, China's machinery industry has also achieved considerable development, and the industry has also encountered unprecedented challenges

great development of machinery industry

the whole industry shows a steady and rapid development trend

from 2001 to 2016, the total output value of China's machinery industry increased from 1.44 trillion yuan (RMB, the same below) to 24.55 trillion yuan, an increase of 17 times. The number of Enterprises above designated size increased from 33600 to more than 86000, the asset scale increased from 1.96 trillion yuan to 21.1 trillion yuan, and the proportion of the added value of the machinery industry in the national industrial added value increased significantly from 9.2% to about 21%

in 2016, the export volume of China's machinery industry was $374.769 billion, 10.8 times that of $34.8 billion in 2001. It is worth mentioning that in 2006, China's import and export of machinery products ended the deficit situation since the founding of new China, with a trade surplus for the first time. In 2016, the surplus was US $102.084 billion. China has entered the ranks of the world's major machinery manufacturers, of which the export of machinery products has made an important contribution

the adjustment of industrial structure was actively and orderly promoted

in the full open market economic competition, China's machinery manufacturing industry and enterprises conform to market changes, and the product structure is moving forward from low-end to medium and high-end. Machine tools are developing towards numerical control, precision, efficiency and large-scale. A number of high-end agricultural machinery and equipment have been successfully developed. Automotive, electrical equipment, engineering machinery and other industries continue to develop marketable products. The R & D and production of green energy, energy-efficient technology and equipment and renewable energy equipment have increased rapidly, and the proportion of supercritical and ultra supercritical generator units has increased significantly. Single 1.5 MW units have become the main units of wind power generation equipment

the focus of investment in the machinery industry has been constantly adjusted. First, the promotion and application of new products, new materials and new technologies closely related to people's livelihood consumption and environmental protection have been strengthened. For example, in 2016, the production and sales of passenger cars in China reached 24.42 million and 24.38 million respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 15.5% and 14.9% respectively. The output value of special equipment for environmental pollution prevention and control increased by 30.3% year-on-year, of which air pollution prevention and control equipment increased by 29.65% and water pollution prevention and control equipment increased by 37.04% year-on-year. The output value of internal combustion forklifts related to logistics warehousing consumption increased by 7.68% year-on-year. Second, the growth rate of industries related to new energy and intelligent manufacturing accelerated. In 2016, the production and sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 500000, with a year-on-year increase of more than 50%; The output value of electrical instruments increased by 18.54% year-on-year, becoming the highlight of the development of machinery industry

innovation ability and enthusiasm for independent research and development continue to improve

in recent years, under the guidance of the manufacturing power strategy such as made in China 2025, the innovation and development momentum of the machinery industry has been strong, and a large number of landmark achievements have been made in scientific and technological innovation and independent research and development. Therefore, the construction of large compressor test bench, water turbine model test bench, power station safety valve test bench, and the construction of test conditions for the world's highest level voltage transformer have built a basic test and detection platform for new product research and development. Breakthroughs have been made in the independent research and development of large-scale nuclear power, hydropower, thermal power and wind power equipment, ultra-high voltage DC and flexible DC power transmission and transformation equipment, large-scale coal chemical key equipment and high-end CNC machine tools. The proportion of self owned brand passenger cars has been close to 50%, new energy and hybrid vehicles have been exported in batches, and self-developed new models of 3.6 MW and 5 MW wind power have been launched; The research and development level of 15000-16500 ton free forging press, UHV AC and DC power transmission and transformation equipment, key equipment of million ton coal direct liquefaction device, 700000 kW Francis turbine unit, cracking gas compressor for million ton ethylene device, large slurry balance shield machine, hard rock tunneling machine, bulldozer, super heavy machine tool and other high-end equipment independently developed has entered the world's advanced ranks

the integration of "two modernizations" and the development of modern manufacturing services have accelerated

at present, the construction and transformation of automation and digitalization (hereinafter referred to as "two modernizations") in China's traditional manufacturing industry have made progress. Through the informatization of the whole process of mechanical manufacturing production, operation and management, as well as the application of modern sensing technology and high-precision control technology, the integration of "two modernizations" and intelligent manufacturing began to start in the related fields of mechanical industry and achieved initial results. Developing service-oriented manufacturing has become an important way for the transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry. Exploring new formats and new models is a new way to ensure the sustainable development of the machinery industry. In the process of realizing a complete service chain from R & D and design to product recycling and remanufacturing, a number of service manufacturing demonstration enterprises such as Shaanxi blower group, Weichai Power Group, Hangzhou oxygen generator group, Zhejiang zhongkong Technology Co., Ltd. have emerged

the new situation is more serious

China keeps its WTO commitments, but Europe and the United States refuse to respect WTO rules

after China's entry into the WTO, China has comprehensively reduced tariffs since January 1, 2002, and fulfilled the tax reduction commitment of all products by January 1, 2010. The overall level of tariffs has been reduced from 15.8% before China's entry into the WTO to 9.6%; Gradually eliminate more than 400 non trade barriers; The foreign trade management right is transferred from examination and approval to registration system; In the field of trade in services, foreign law firms are allowed to set up representative offices in China; Allow foreign banks to provide RMB business to Chinese enterprises and individuals

on December 11, 2016, China's accession to the WTO expired for 15 years, but the United States, Japan and Europe refused to implement the WTO rules, refused to recognize China's market economy status, and claimed that they would maintain the practice of "surrogate countries" in anti-dumping against China. On the one hand, there are many uncertain factors in the world economy and the continuous decline of Global trade; On the other hand, in the face of China's increasing economic strength, the steady progress of the "the Belt and Road" construction, and the continuous improvement of its international status and influence, some major developed economies intend to curb China's rise by implementing trade protectionism

the machinery industry has become the hardest hit area of trade relief investigation

since the establishment of the World Trade Organization in 1995, nearly 50 WTO members have initiated more than 1000 trade remedy investigations against China, accounting for one third of the total number of trade remedy investigations. In 2016, 21 countries launched 91 trade remedy investigations against China, an increase of 44% year-on-year; The amount involved was US $10.9 billion, an increase of 90% year-on-year. As of 2016, China has suffered the most anti-dumping investigations in the world for 21 consecutive years and the most countervailing investigations in the world for 10 consecutive years. In recent years, China's machinery industry has encountered an average of 10 trade remedy investigations every year. With the increase of uncertainties in the development of world economy and trade and the sharp decline of growth rate, the rise of anti globalization, difficulties in the multilateral trading system, and intensified competition in international trade rules, especially the developed economies tried to exclude China from the negotiation process of rule making by taking advantage of issues such as competition neutrality, labor standards, intellectual property protection, government procurement, environmental protection and so on. From the perspective of internal environment, China's demographic dividend has reached an inflection point, industrial structure adjustment and transformation have entered the deep-water area, the status of manufacturing industry in the global value chain needs to be improved, and China's machinery industry is facing severe challenges from large to strong

accelerate the "going out"

rely on brand strategy to promote the "going out" of machinery manufacturing enterprises

in order to cope with and avoid increasingly severe international trade frictions, comply with the actual needs of the transnational development of China's machinery industry, and promote the "going global" of China's equipment manufacturing is of far-reaching significance. The "13th five year plan" of the machinery industry has made it clear that it is necessary to implement the brand strategy of the machinery industry products, actively carry out international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, and lay a solid foundation for accelerating the "going out" of the machinery industry. It is necessary to first observe the testing and commissioning of the tensile testing machine. As an important intangible asset, brand has increasingly become a symbol of comprehensive strength and international competitiveness. Although China's machinery industry has created some brand products in the fields of automobile manufacturing, power generation equipment and general machinery, these brands still lack high popularity and influence in the international market. As the main body of "going out" of China's equipment manufacturing, machinery industry enterprises must establish a negative and respected corporate image to ensure that they continue to accept and integrate local folk customs and culture in the process of "going out"

go out to sea together and accumulate strength to participate in the competition

in order to participate in the fierce international competition more effectively, enterprises can reduce internal friction and vicious competition by integrating and gathering intellectual property rights and financial resources. At the same time, we should practice our internal skills, standardize our operations, and ensure the provision of high-quality products and services. For example, in January 2014, China's three nuclear power giants, together with 14 units including domestic nuclear power technology development, engineering construction, operation management, equipment manufacturing, engineering consulting and relevant financial institutions, established the "going out" industrial alliance of China's nuclear power technology and equipment, which played an important role in the orderly "going out" of nuclear power technology and equipment with a single furnace chamber capacity more than twice that of the original roaster

implement an active talent strategy

"going out" is a strategic choice to achieve international cooperation in production capacity and industrial transformation and upgrading. "Going out" requires a group of compound talents with international vision and high foreign language level, who understand international rules and business operations. Only by doing a good job in "homework", implementing active talent strategy and strengthening the construction of compound international talent team, can industry enterprises reduce and control the cost and various risks of "going global"

give full play to the information consultation and guidance role of industry organizations

we should give full play to the role of industry organizations as bridges and consultants, strive to be a firm supporter and intimate person of "going out" enterprises, and guide "going out" enterprises to avoid vicious competition overseas. The encouragement and support also include the expansion of the control scope, the echo of shopping malls, the production cost and many other factors. The industry associations with holding conditions set up foreign organizations to provide enterprises with a full range of information services and consulting services such as market, technology, law and environment for "going out", help "going out" enterprises deal with local problems and difficulties, and become an external window for the introduction of technology, capital and talents

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