The hottest gold coins gather in the Central Plain

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Gold coins gathered in the Central Plains Tibetan friends to share the feast

China gold coin boutique exhibition was held in Henan coin Co., Ltd. On the day of the exhibition, the scene was crowded and the atmosphere was extremely hot. Although the exhibition opened at 10 o'clock, before 9 o'clock, many enthusiasts had entered the venue and lined up outside. During the exhibition, the staff and Tibetan friends exchanged and discussed with each other, which built a good platform for investors to understand and watch the "old fine rare" commemorative coins, and laid a foundation for the dissemination of China's gold and silver coin culture

it is worth mentioning that this exhibition was not only welcomed by collectors and investors, but also saw large single transactions. A collector spent nearly 80 million yuan on a larger 10 inch display and on-board functions, and won his favorite collection. This Tibetan friend has just turned from stock investment to precious metal collection. For newly introduced collection customers, he knows little about the relevant information of commemorative coins. After watching this "old fine rare", hearing the story behind these gold coins, this Tibetan friend laughed and said, "rare things are expensive, and knowing some Henan coin enterprises, I believe my choice will not be wrong"

it is reported that 2. Consideration of fillers: 1. On the one hand, the micro shape of fillers is best spherical. This commemorative coin exhibition focuses on the characteristics of "old, fine and rare", showing the bright glory of the long history of Chinese gold and silver coins. The analysis of this boutique in terms of theme, technology and system believes that the work and packaging are better, and its circulation and survival volume are relatively rare. It is also difficult to find the counter clearing market in the gold and silver coin collection. It is a relatively rare and precious gold coin variety. Among them, the gold and silver coins of China's outstanding historical figures, the gold and silver coins of "having a hometown" China's scenic spots and the commemorative coins of China's world cultural heritage have attracted the attention of collectors

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