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Jinjing glass: build a leading production base of functional glass in China

facing the adverse effects of the global financial crisis, Jinjing group took the lead in the layout of functional glass in the national industry, showing a good development trend against the trend

in recent years, as a large enterprise mainly engaged in the development, production, processing and operation of glass and its extension products, Jinjing group pursues the goal of the perfect combination of painting and practicality of the components whose properties depend on the degree of stretching, in accordance with the organic integration of function and aesthetics, the natural connection between environmental protection and safety, and the harmony and unity of function and quality, when they provide the automobile exterior panels, With an investment of 500million yuan, relying on continuous independent innovation, we strive to build the country's first functional glass production base, creating a series of leading or unique: China's leading ultra white float glass; The world's first 22mm/25mm ultra thick and ultra white float glass; Invention of automatic pressure regulating insulating glass for Qinghai Tibet Plateau trains; Chinese glass entered the Olympic stadium for the first time - the bird's nest and water cube projects; The world's leading high-rise building, the Dubai Tower in the United Arab Emirates, is the only one to use gold crystal glass from China; Jinjing has the largest calendered glass base in Asia; Leading batch of float glass that has won "Chinese famous brand products" and "Chinese famous trademark"

facing the adverse effects of the global financial crisis, Jinjing group took the lead in the layout of functional glass in the national industry, showing a good development trend against the trend

in May, Jinjing Group invested 1. As a new energy-saving building material, the heat absorbing glass project built with 800 million yuan has been put into operation. It can be used in any space that requires both lighting and heat insulation

in August, the offline Low-E coated glass production line with a total investment of 100million yuan was completed and put into operation at the same time of heartache. The product has good spectral selectivity. On the basis of a large amount of visible light, it can block most of the infrared rays from entering the room, especially the far infrared rays are almost completely reflected back by it without passing through the glass, which not only keeps the indoor light bright, but also reduces the indoor heat load to a certain extent. Its thermal resistance function can be more than twice that of ordinary insulating glass

in September, the 525t/d solar greenhouse glass transformation project was ignited and put into operation. The products can be used not only in glass greenhouses, but also in automotive glass, energy-saving glass chips, high light transmittance electrical products and other fields. At the same time, the completion and operation of the project also makes Jinjing play an important role in the construction of "green ecological and environmental protection projects" in China and even the world

not only conforms to the national industrial policy, but also conforms to the general trend of the current structural adjustment of China's glass industry. Jinjing's industrial adjustment has added a strong driving force to the development of enterprises. With its original leading technology, Jinjing has expanded a wide range of markets, contracted the supply of window glass products such as domestic multiple units, Beijing light rail trains, British subways, etc., and was designated as household appliance supporting products by Galanz, Siemens, South Korea LG Electronics and other companies. Aiming at the world, we have improved advanced technology and strengthened scientific and technological research and development. New products have emerged one after another, blowing up "Golden Crystal storms" in the industry. Riding the spring breeze of reform and opening up, through more than 30 years of hard work, Jinjing group has developed into a national high-tech enterprise with 8 subsidiaries and 2 provincial research institutes. Through unremitting efforts, Jinjing people have created new heights in China and even the world glass industry, and 28 technologies are at the world leading level

Wang Gang introduced that there is no backward industry, only backward products. Jinjing is to compare with world-class technology. Through electro-hydraulic servo technology, it is the best technical means to realize dynamic high cycle fatigue, program-controlled fatigue and low cycle fatigue, static constant deformation rate, constant load rate and various simulation experimental systems. We should innovate independently, promote the traditional industry to the high end, and expand the high-end market with unique functional glass, Let energy-saving glass enter thousands of households and make contributions to social energy conservation and the realization of a green life for mankind

standing on a new starting point, Jinjing took advantage of the momentum to take on the mission of "prospering the enterprise with wisdom and prospering the ball with green". It focused on the research and development of products in the field of new energy and new materials represented by solar dedicated glass and Low-E low radiation off-line coated glass, and strived to successfully develop and put into production in the past two years, so as to further promote the adjustment, transformation and upgrading from traditional industry to new energy industry, And it is determined that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, 10 products or technologies with international advanced level will be developed to form patented products or technologies with 100 independent intellectual property rights

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