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Go all out and cooperate comprehensively! Sany donated 2000 sets of protective clothing to Kunshan municipal government

go all out and cooperate comprehensively! Sany donated 2000 sets of protective clothing to Kunshan municipal government

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protective clothing is a disposable product, which theoretically needs to be replaced every 4 hours. However, in order to race against time, to avoid cross infection caused by repeated wearing and taking off, and to save valuable isolation and protection, we have successfully designed a series of "trendy" clothes that "don't walk the ordinary way". At present, it is the main method of multi-point grounding for front-line medical personnel to not eat or drink for 8 hours

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facing the serious shortage of medical supplies, Sany rushed to help. As of February 10, Sany has purchased and shipped back 1.05 million medical masks, 65000 sets of medical protective clothing, thermoplastics and more than 7000 medical gloves, goggles and other medical materials. Upon landing, the plane was donated to the units most in need of epidemic prevention and control through Hunan Red Cross

At 15:20 p.m. on February 12, in Kunshan emergency reserve center, Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. donated 2000 sets of DuPont medical protective clothing purchased overseas to Kunshan Municipal People's government. Mr. Yu Hongfu, chairman of the board, officially handed over this batch of epidemic prevention materials to Ms. Qin Shanshan, the head of Kunshan Development and Reform Commission

Ms. Qin Shanshan, director of Kunshan Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said: 2000 protective clothing is indeed a scarce material for the government, and on behalf of Kunshan municipal government, the material procurement team expressed gratitude to Sany Heavy machinery. Kunshan municipal government will also, as always, widely use the bicycle aluminum alloy material tension machine for material inspection and analysis in the industries of building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wires and cables, rubber and plastics, shock absorbers, textiles, household appliances and so on, and do a good job in the material preparation work of this epidemic prevention battle. We also hope that more people will care about, pay attention to, and support us to fight this "epidemic" together

Sany will continue to take practical actions to support the war against "epidemic"

here, I salute all front-line medical personnel! Pay tribute to all those behind the scenes who are busy with medical supplies

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