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Analysis of quality control problems of wide film slitting III

3. Control of other standardized operations

(1) preparation before slitting

by touching, touching, knocking and asking about the hardness and appearance of the large axis film roll (asking about the production situation of the large axis film roll), as well as fully understanding the condition and performance of the equipment, you can prepare and solve the quality problems that may be encountered in slitting in advance

(2) prediction of film roll length

in order to meet the needs of users to get a certain length of film roll, generally, the operator can get the winding length from the data display on the winder. However, in production, it is often encountered that the film is broken and part of the film on the surface of the large shaft film roll is scratched. If the calculation and cutting are carried out according to the marked length, and it is not found that the length is insufficient and the splicing cannot be carried out until the final cutting, the whole vehicle products cannot become authentic, especially the cutting machine with a width of more than 6 meters, and the economic loss is greater. In order to avoid this situation, the length of the large axis film roll with the same model, specification and process should be in a certain corresponding relationship with the diameter of the film roll. As long as the measured diameter data is compared with the winding length after the machine is put on, we can roughly know whether the winding length of the film roll meets the requirements. If there is a large difference between the two, pay attention to the splicing length during cutting to avoid the occurrence of insufficient length. See Figure 3 for the corresponding relationship between the outer diameter of the film roll and the winding length

(3) rational use of slitting machine

the use frequency and wear degree of each station of the slitting machine are different, which will show some differences in performance. Generally speaking, the stations in good condition cut large-size products with less longitudinal stripes. Pay attention to the selection and collocation of stations to give full play to the best state of existing equipment. In addition, there will be differences in the performance and structure of equipment software and hardware between different equipment manufacturers and equipment manufactured in different periods. It is necessary for operators and technicians to constantly sum up experience and explore according to the on-site use situation, and find the use method suitable for the characteristics of the equipment

(4) production environment

during the slitting process, the film is reopened and rewound, creating conditions for the entry of external foreign matters. In addition, the film products themselves need to be in direct contact with food, drugs, etc., so the hygiene requirements are very strict, The purified production workshop is very important to ensure that "a very promising waterproof material (polyurea) is destroyed and the product is clean and good.

(5) Other problems that should be paid attention to in operation

a, splicing of joints. Through independent research and development and technological innovation, the product information marking should be correct, the surface glue should be obvious, and the joint quality should be good, so as to facilitate the smooth transition of the joint part in the use process

b. Replace the cutter in time to avoid the occurrence of edge warping

c, inspection of splitting. If problems are found, they should be adjusted or measures should be taken in time

d. Make relevant records timely and complete, which is conducive to summarizing experience and exploring rules

e. pay attention to the daily maintenance, cleaning and inspection of the equipment, and eliminate hidden problems in time

standardized operation can reduce the fluctuation of cutting quality, which is conducive to the stability of quality and the traceability of the causes of quality problems

4. Control of unloading, packaging, etc.

well packaged finished products not only facilitate the transportation and storage of the film, but also prevent the shape of the film from deformation before being delivered to downstream processing enterprises for use, and prevent the film from being polluted, bruised, wet and other injuries in the circulation link. Therefore, in order to maintain the slitting quality until users use it, it is necessary to strengthen the control of unloading, packaging, transportation, storage and other links. The quality of packaging from suit, cushion, winding film, packaging belt, to solid packaging, and the packaging operation must meet the relevant requirements

III. summary

film slitting is a highly practical work, and its process quality is affected by both the film quality and the quality of the process itself. The cutting result is a comprehensive reflection of many quality factors, and the various related factors involved affect each other, making the quality problems in the cutting more complex. Therefore, to control the slitting quality, on the one hand, it is necessary to control and stabilize the quality of the large axial film roll and raw and auxiliary materials as much as possible; On the other hand, it is more necessary to adjust the slitting process in time according to the actual situation, so as to improve the slitting quality as much as possible. The properties of different kinds of films are different, and there are also some differences in cutting methods. For example, the commonly used products of BOPET are thin and have high strength and are not easy to be stretched, which are different from the cutting methods of BOPP, CPP, CPE and other films

the maturity of the manufacturing technology of the wide film slitter has created conditions for improving the slitting quality. However, in the actual use process, we still encounter confusing problems, which even foreign experts cannot solve for the time being. However, through hard exploration, the above solutions were found, which greatly improved the product quality of our company. The deepest experience in practice is that there is no excellent slitting quality without excellent equipment. However, to get excellent quality products, we need to rely on people's careful use, adjustment and maintenance, so as to give play to the best state of the equipment and create the greatest benefits for the enterprise

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