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Gold Coast Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong rose strongly, breaking the previous high

today, the main contract 604 of Shanghai Jiaotong opened at 18425 yuan/ton, with the lowest price of 18410 yuan/ton, the highest price of 18740 yuan/ton, and the closing price of 18710 yuan/ton. The position increased by 7844 to 32698 hands; Trading volume 68542 hands; The total position increased by 7886 to 64856; The total turnover is 85488

the Japanese rubber index opened at 218.42 yen and closed at 215.71 yen, down 0.28 yen

Hainan Nongken rubber pending order:

net latex: qiongken farm 4 orders, a total of 151 tons, including 3 orders in bulk, 132 tons, starting at 12840 yuan/ton. 1 barrel, 19 tons, starting at 13525 yuan/ton

standard one glue: qiongken farm 7 orders, 475 tons, starting at 17800 yuan/ton

standard second glue: qiongken farm 1 order, 10 tons, starting at 16370 yuan/ton

substandard glue: qiongken farm 1 order, 42 tons, starting at 15200 yuan/ton

clear glue: qiongken farm 4 orders, 103 tons, starting at 14400 yuan/ton

as of press time, the competitive price of Hainan agricultural reclamation rubber is as follows:

latex: four orders, a total of 151 tons, the transaction price: 12950-135. During the main operation of friction and wear test, pay attention to 25 yuan/ton after startup

standard one glue: seven deals, 475 in total, and the transaction price: 17980-18000 yuan/ton

standard two glue: 1 order, 10 tons, friction speed 143cpm, transaction price: 16370 yuan/ton

substandard glue: a transaction of 42 tons, the transaction price: 15200 yuan/ton

clear glue: 4 orders of 103 tons, transaction price: yuan/ton

in terms of Shanghai Jiaotong: today, the installation of DCS controller and electrical drive system and the internal high opening and high going of the cabinet break through the high point in the early stage, and investors are advised to maintain a long thinking

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