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Nuggets "golden nine silver ten" Chengdu home market sprint busy

Nuggets "golden nine silver ten" Chengdu home market sprint busy

September 28, 2015

[China paint information] 2015 Chengdu creative design exhibition, the second Western door and window Expo, Chengdu Home Expo... In September and October, major industry exhibitions came on stage one after another, fully detonating the consumption of Chengdu home furnishing and decoration

coincidentally, in September, many home furnishing stores in Chengdu, such as Bayi, Xiangjiang, Fusen, red star, and incredibly, also took action one after another. Peak ceremonies, half price days, Mid Autumn Festival banquets, famous products Juhui... Promotional means emerged in an endless stream, which not only increased the service, but also made more concessions than before

Nuggets "nine gold and ten silver". Since the beginning of September, exhibitions, brand activities and promotional impulse events involving many fields of the home furnishing industry have followed one after another, and the Chengdu home furnishing market has also entered the most active period of the year

guide the concept of home, creative design to optimize life

how do you design the future home, home life, and what is the most cutting-edge concept? The 2015 Chengdu creative design exhibition, which opened on the 19th, put forward many solutions for the general public. The highlight of this grand event is the Third Asia Pacific Design Forum "dare to create a world" held around the theme of "design city, holiday slow life"

on the forum, the design industry bigwigs and industry bigwigs jointly discussed how to realize the pursuit of slow life in modern cities, and how to optimize people's living conditions through design, so as to finally achieve the goal of "creating an elegant life". As a well-known bathroom brand, ruanjiaming, President of Kohler Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, believes that the reason why Chengdu people can enjoy the slow city life is largely due to the excellent design and modern facilities of the whole city. For example, Kohler's pursuit of elegant design has injected more surprises into this slow city

the industry exhibition is intensive, and the display brand rushes to the market

the second Western door and window Expo 2015 opened in Chengdu on the 20th. Many domestic front-line door enterprises from Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Jiangxi, Chongqing and Sichuan, such as JINDA, Panpan, jinkaide, Mengtian, etc., have come to the front stage to show the latest technologies and products of the industry. Wenwenquan, head of the Chengdu Office of Zhejiang JINDA door industry, said that the industry exhibition is not only a good opportunity to show brands, but also a good opportunity to sprint into the market. For example, JINDA door industry made its debut this time with a new brand image, mainly "blue and white" and supplemented by "orange", to promote the transformation of enterprises from inside to outside, and to start the image construction project of thousands of franchised stores and service points across the country. Through the establishment and improvement of dealer training mechanism, terminal image, after-sales service and other operation and management systems, it comprehensively 20 Standard sieves enhance the competitiveness of the terminal market

1.8m rubber wood big bed, the original price is 2999 yuan, 999 yuan to move home; 398 yuan for a solid wood leisure chair with an original price of 1560 yuan, and only 1999 yuan for a large 1.5p air conditioner hanging up... It is understood that more than 100 well-known furniture brands, such as Quanyou, Shuanghu, Nanfang, dibiao, MuNiu, Chusheng, Qianjia Yupin, Lisheng Zhenpin, shengyuanyijia, Huali Fengxiang, Jixiang Baide, will appear on the stage. To the surprise of consumers, major brand furniture and household appliances will appear on the exhibition, The factory price of direct selling is reduced by 2, and the "special contribution" is low-cost, which is difficult to find in the whole city

Nuggets nine silver ten, innovative promotion lively grab customers

for nuggets nine silver ten, many home shopping malls and home brands in Chengdu also took action, peak ceremony, half price day, Mid Autumn Festival banquet, famous products Juhui... Promotional means emerge in endlessly, attracting many consumers crazy. As a market, the quality of a monkey named "Jianhui" has also become increasingly important. As the backbone of the steel warrior in Avatar, various brand merchants have also tried their best to attract customers and grab customers. Various discount promotions are no longer new, and more creative new product distribution and experience activities have undoubtedly made greater contributions to winning sales. For example, at Fusenmei home last weekend, Shengda flooring launched the concept of "living room flooring" for the first time in the industry, and its experimental speed was generally small. Six products of Shengda living room flooring "wood stone fate" series were launched. Their rich decorative effects and better performance completely overturned consumers' Cognition of flooring, brightened the eyes of many consumers, and made them popular

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