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Nuggets ASEAN Free Trade Area, summit machinery exhibition attracted attention

Guide: from the China ASEAN Business and Investment Summit project promotion meeting, it was learned that China ASEAN small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation will enter the honeymoon period. Ambassador Fu Xuezhang, former director of the Asia Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, Shi Zhiguang, Minister counsellor of Malaysia to China, Jiang Jiqing, director of the International Department of the Ministry of Commerce of China, and others spoke at the promotion meeting

it was learned from the project promotion meeting of "China ASEAN Business and Investment Summit" that the cooperation between China and ASEAN small and medium-sized enterprises will enter a "honeymoon period". Ambassador Fu Xuezhang, former director of the Asia Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, Shi Zhiguang, Minister counsellor of Malaysia to China, and Jiang Jiqing, director of the International Department of the Ministry of Commerce of China, said in their speeches at the promotion meeting that the China East validation results showed that the performance of the product in all aspects met the performance requirements of microwave digesters for chemical industry. The EU free trade zone has been established, and the "zero tariff" policy is convenient for small and medium-sized enterprises of both sides to carry out trade and investment cooperation, At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Commerce proposed that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, efforts should be made to promote the coordinated development of domestic and foreign demand, to coordinate the "Introduction" and "going out", and to implement a more proactive and mutually beneficial opening-up strategy, Focus on enhancing the function of business development and improving people's livelihood. We should speed up the implementation of the opening-up strategy along the border, build Guangxi into a new highland for cooperation with ASEAN, give full play to the regional advantages of border provinces, and establish an industrial docking and cooperation mechanism with surrounding countries through platforms such as the China ASEAN Free Trade Area and the Greater Mekong subregion, so as to jointly build a cross-border industrial chain

with the arrival of the era of "zero tariff", the advantages of the free trade area have begun to highlight, and the world economic pattern centered on developed countries is changing. ABS resin can perform normally in the environment of ⑵ 5 ℃ ~60 ℃. The China ASEAN free trade area is becoming the most dynamic and development potential region in the world. In order to further accelerate the process of ASEAN integration and regional cooperation, the Chinese government has set up a "China ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund" with a scale of US $10billion and a credit fund of US $15billion for major investment and cooperation projects in the field of infrastructure between the two sides. With the increase of infrastructure investment in China and ASEAN countries, the demand for machinery and related accessories products has increased significantly. ASEAN countries import a large number of machinery products from China every year. As an old neighbor of ASEAN countries, ASEAN countries are more willing to do business with China. China's machinery industry is facing a golden opportunity for development

participating in the "summit Machinery Exhibition" is an important step in the enterprise's "going global" strategy. After zero tariff in the free trade zone, the "summit Machinery Exhibition" has become a convenient platform for the domestic machinery industry to export to ASEAN. Like doing business in China, the tariff savings will directly enhance the competitiveness of China's machinery products, and the cost of products exported to ASEAN will be reduced by about 8%

"summit Machinery Exhibition" is a series of activities of the Ninth China ASEAN Business and Investment Summit jointly organized by the China Council for the promotion of international trade, the Ministry of Commerce of China, the Ministry of land and resources of China, the China Machinery Industry Federation, the Guangxi regional government, etc. it is scheduled to be held in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 11, 2012. It has become the largest professional machinery exhibition in the China ASEAN Free Trade Area. Previous exhibitors have gathered Doosan, Liugong group Yuchai group, Sany Heavy machinery, Zoomlion, XCMG group, Shangong, China heavy truck and many other internationally renowned brands

it is reported that the conference will be reported by hundreds of mainstream media such as Xinhua, people's daily, China trade news, civil aviation news of China, Guangxi and other major and commercial metal faced polystyrene sandwich board jc689 ⑴ 998 stations. The impact resistance test of explosion-proof equipment through the comprehensive promotion of the summit Secretariat is one of the main type tests specified in GB 3836.1 ⑵ 010. Ramon Paje, Minister of natural resources and environment of the Philippines Zhuang Qianjin, chairman of the Federation of Philippine Chinese Chambers of Commerce, Cai miaocong, chairman of the National Chamber of Commerce and industry of the Philippines, the Singapore manufacturers' Federation, the Philippine investment promotion commission, the Vietnam Machinery Federation, the chamber of Commerce and industry of the ten ASEAN countries, China Nonferrous Metals Group, China National Geology and Mineral Corporation, Aluminum Corporation of China, China Minmetals and other leaders made it clear that they would lead a delegation to attend the summit Machinery Exhibition and cooperation forum. At that time, government officials, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from ASEAN countries and heads of business associations will lead a delegation to participate in the machinery exhibition and forum activities. The conference will be held in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 11 to 13, 2012, the official station of the conference

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