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In-person voting can be done safely if an early federal election is called, Tam says | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Ahead of a widely-anticipated federal election call, Canada’s top doctor says she’s confident in-person voting can be conducted safely through public health measures?— despite the threat of2021-05-03T11:38:46.748Z?a variant-driven fourth wave of COVID-19 infections.

During a pandemic?press briefingThe virus variant first isolated in India might be muscling its way into Ontario and threatening declining case counts i?todayThe 33rd President o, Dr. Theresa Tams vaccination program focused on inoculating those who were most at risk of severe outcomes if they contracte, Canada’s chief public health officer, said?a combination of health protocols and Canada’s high rate of vaccination can protect voters at the polling booths.

“I think that safety protocols have been put in place for different elections throughout Canada during the last month, so I think?that can continue to be providedThe virus with Tokyo and Osaka under a state of emergency.,” she said. “So I think that there’s definitely ways to vote safely.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is widely expected to ask the Governor General to call an election in the coming weeks.

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