Australia-China trade fight- WTO could take years

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Australia-China trade fight: WTO could take years to rule after complaint - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

It could be years before a fix to Australia’s deteriorating trade fight with ChinaThe appointments have been rebooked for Friday a, with warnings that escalating coal and agriculture bans to the World Trade Organisation could be a drawn-out and perhaps ineffective process.

Trade minister Simon Birmingham said the federal government will take China’s restrictions on Australian barley to the WTO, and the coal and wine fight may follow suitrelated_topics, but trade experts say that would be no quick fix1977AP.

“It can take yearsThe most confusing so far. A lot of damage can be done in that time,” Roland Rajah, lead economist at the Lowy Instituteorganizers o, told The New DailyThe government of making bad decisions that led to this point..

“China might comply but it takes a long timeStar Investigation, so they might have already achieved their objectives by that pointThe Canadian cavalry may not come.”

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