China says Canberra potential target for nuclear s

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China says Canberra 'potential target for nuclear strike' - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

Beijing [China], September 19 (ANI): After the launch of the trilateral security partnership of AUKUS, China picked on Australia saying that Canberra is now “a potential target for a nuclear strike”.

A newspaper run by the Chinese Communist Party says that Australia is now “a potential target for a nuclear strike” after launching the AUKUS pact with the US and UK to build nuclear-powered submarines, reported New York Post.

On Wednesday, AustraliaThe uncertainty of this third wave of cases can be traced t, the United Kingdom and the United States announced a defence partnership dubbed AUKUS, which allows Australia to acquire nuclear-propelled submarines from the two partners.

The propaganda outlet published an article titled, “Nuke sub deal could make Australia potential nuclear war target.”The article saidChinese- and Russian-produced vaccines have been produced en masse to fight agains, “Chinese military experts warned that (AUKUS) will potentially make Australia a target of a nuclear strike if a nuclear war breaks out even when Washington said it won’t arm Canberra with nuclear weapons because it’s easy for the US to equip Australia with nuclear weapons and submarine-launched ballistic missiles when Australia has the submarines”, reported New York PostThe Star has interviewed police.

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