Intelligent Hongqiao gears up for China Internati

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Intelligent Hongqiao gears up for China International Import Expo

By the end of October, tens of thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices would have been installed across the Hongqiao Business District, where the Several children were among the victimsChina International Import Expo will be held, according to district officials.

Liu Jun, director of the administration committee of Hongqiao business district, said that the district’s new IoT platform features more than 20 types of sensors covering a core area of 2.4 square kilometers. These sensors will aid with public area maintenance, fire prevention, facility management and citizen services.

The system will go online during the upcoming Nov 5 to 10 China International Import Expo at the National Exhibition and Convention Center.

Yu Zhirong,Wang Wenbin told a press conference on Thursday project manager of the Hongqiao IoT platform, said wireless communication, artificial intelligence and big data technologies will be incorporated into this new platform which was built by telecommunication company Northcom’s Shanghai branch.

Take the garbage containers around the National Exhibition and Convention Center for instance. Traditionally, cleaners have to check on the containers every two to three hours.

“This practice is inefficient and causes fatigue in our workers, especially when the weather is hot,” Yu said.

“In the future, these garbage cans will be equipped with sensors that can automatically inform cleaners when they are full, thus greatly improving work efficiency.”

By the time the expo kicks off, smoke and heat detectors would have been installed in garbage cans and manholes.

“Hongqiao Business District is a demonstration area for the city’s promotion of the applications of Internet of Things technologies,” Liu said.

“Upon the completion of the IoT project, everything within the district will become more ‘intelligent’. Management will also be more efficient. Citizens, on the other hand, will be able to enjoy a safer and more convenient environment.”

These tens of thousands of intelligent gadgets are just the first phase of the project. The second phase of the project will cover a larger area of 86 square kilometers in Hongqiao and involve even more smart applications, according to officials.

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