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Large Marble Column Stone Pillar Water Fountain Pool Size Beijing Stars Stone Co., Ltd Stars stone company co., ltd. The company was founded in 2002, itspredecessor for the state-owned enterprises, since the beginning of1998 in the stone industry. Owning a few stone minings andprocessing plants, products cover more than 95% China's naturalstone products, meanwhile operating some overseas stone products.China stone industry provides the most product categories mostcomplete varieties. With 20 years' development, forming a veryprofessional team, products are exported to more than 100 countriesaround the world. Our clients include wholesalers, buildingmaterials supermarket chains, retailers, project owners,contractors, and decorative design company individual familyconsumers. We are committed to providing quality products andservices for all customers, competitive prices, and one-stopservice. Beijing Stars Stone Co., Ltd was established in 2002 in BeijingChina. As a leading stone manufacturer in the north of China, BSS hasexplored its business in more than 100 countries around the world,an annual export volume of about 1000 containers. Products includea stone fireplace and carving, stone slabs and tiles, slate panelcultural stone, and so on. The company participated in theinvestment of more than 10 factories, respectively located inHebei, Henan, Tianjin and Anhui, etc., the official has been operating for nearly 20 years, and hasa good ranking on mainstream search engines such as Google and Bingetc. It provides a quick online entry for a huge number of foreignstone buyers understanding and sourcing Chinese stone products. Thecompany's core advantage is a strong ability to control rawmaterial resources, professional and mature team, and a deep bonemarrow service spirit. .content_format table{border:1px solid #dedede; border-collapse:collapse;}.content_format td{ padding:3px; border: 1px solid #dcdcdc;}.content_format { line-height: 24px; word-wrap : break-word ;}.content_format p{ margin-bottom: 10px; margin-top: 2px; padding: 2px;}

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