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Intelligent monitoring system for manhole covers installed in Beijing

BEIJING -- An intelligent monmitoring system is being used to manage manhole covers in Beijing, Beijing Daily reported Wednesday.

The system, developed by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), is comprised of a monitoring device that is attached to manhole covers, a data concentrator and a software platform. The device has been installed in 500 manhole covers in the city's Xicheng District.

A large number of manhole covers, which are widely distributed throughout the city, are hard to supervise. The loss or damage of manhole covers might influence the drainage facilities a1 million enterprises to use cloud platforms by 2020nd pose a threat to the safety of pedestrians.

The intelligent system can monitor manhole covers in real time, and if it detects an abnormal opening, it will transfer the data to the urban management monitoring network for instant action.

CASIC will also develop intelligent management systems for other public facilities and promote data sharing among different city management departments, facilitating the building of smart cities, according to the newspaper.

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